Sorrowsworn Saga

Perma-frost, perma-prone session

May 3rd notes

We arrive in Dardun without any incidents. It is a peaceful little farm town with groves of apple trees scattered about and bees buzzing throughout the trees. The townsfolk look at us strangely, not being quite used to travelers, especially at that time of the year. There are wagons and carts full of apples everywhere, farmlands all around the area. The smell of apples is intoxicating. A little bee flies around Wilfred and lands on his hand. As he is admiring it and contemplating for this bee to become an addition to his small animals collection, he tries to attract the bee with his “honey lips” but unfortunately she flies away.
We approach the local inn, cleverly called “The Honeybee”. Medera the town’s leader is also the inkeeper, she is very welcoming and we buy delicious apple cider, a jar of high quality Dardun honey, some apple cinnamon incense and some fine apple tobacco. We have a brief conversation with her and she recommends us to meet with Taglan, a respectable citizen who love meeting up with travelers and conversing with them.
Surprisingly, Taglan walks into the inn shortly after, and we start making some small talk. Teglan was very curious about us and our travels and any information. Excited to see someone interested in us, Luna quickly announces Wilfred is an elder druid, to which Wilfred modestly replies that he is just a man who loves nature. We have a walk with Taglan through the town, he is showing us around and hearing us mention jokingly how we’d like to retire here, he recommends us to buy a small but beautiful cottage that would cost us about 1000 gold. We are wondering why homes are so expensive here, and he says he did honest work and saved up for his house for 10 years. He now has 2 children in his teens and he is content with his life and loves Dardun. We continue praising the town and it’s apples and quiet and wonder if there have ever been any troubles here. Taglan says the town is doing fine, only once every few years an ogre would come and cause troubles but other than that things have been safe and fine until recently. When we ask what exactly is happening, he lowers his voice and says there are rumors of a dragon taking settlement in the Old Hills and kidnapping people. A few people had been missing and just a few days ago farmer Johnson barely escaped with his life from the dragon, but his friend got caught. We decide to pay him a visit and maybe get some more information from him. He is an old man and not very interested in talking to us. The only information he is willing to give us is that the dragon was gray, and the largest he’d ever seen and then he asked us to leave him alone.
Taglan offers us a small cask of fine Dardun cider from his cellar as a present and Luna in return offers him the second bottle of wine she’s been carrying from Silverwind from months and months ago. Then, he asks us to tell him an exciting story from his travels and we tell him about the horrifying bahir that we’d encountered a few days ago and how we managed to escape from him by pure luck and by Rajyrick’s enchanting lute song. Rajyrick then plays a song for Taglan and we praise him, saying he will one day be the most famous bard in the realm. We then say farewell to our new friend, wishing him well and hoping to see him again soon.
On the way to the inn Rajyrick contemplates writing a song about the beauties of Dardun. Wilfred gathers a pouch of Dardun apple seeds and enchants them, making them sprout and grow into majestic trees. He plants one tree by the inn and as he does that, some plump bees are flying around him and drunkenly fall asleep on the ground.
We then enjoyed a fine dinner at the inn, and a delicious apple pie for dessert. Rajyrick performed a little for the visitors of the inn and then we retreated for the night.
In the morning we enjoyed some apple strudel that was the best dessert we’ve ever eaten and then continued our journey with a deep sorrow in our heart and couldn’t stop thinking about the horrors and torment that await every creature that dies each day, including the folk of this quiet beautiful town. All of us would have loved to stay in town and enjoy a pleasant and simple life but we know that we have a great responsibility to carry and must sacrifice our wants for the greater good.
About 2 days away from Dardun we saw a gigantic statue, of about 100 feet in height walking slowly towards us. We established it was a primordial colossus, created by the ancient demigods who shaped this world. The are known to look like towers or statues but they come to life when approached by other living creatures. Being in the middle of a plain, there was nothing we could do, except run out west. After a few minutes when it was clear we aren’t in danger we became frightened at the idea that the colossus was heading towards Dardun and Luna prayed to Bahamut for safety of the citizens and asked that no harm would come to them.
Later, at the end of the session, we were informed the colossus was a level *28 elite * creature…..
We continue our journey east and then south of a river, spend a cold night on a lake shore, naked and bundled together under blankets. Timothy the pirate says this reminds him of the days he spent on the sea and that one day he will get a ship again and the good old days will come back.
On the next day, we were met by 10 riders with lances and wearing full plate armor. They were quite hostile towards us, especially when they found out we are headed towards Middenheim. But seeing Luna was a cleric of Bahamut they let us go. They were wearing elegant insignias portraying a sword crossed with a pistol, which meant they were guards from Middenheim.
The next day, a giant roc, with a wingspan of 80 feet descended from the skies and attacked us. After a long fight, with many missed attacks, especially from Luna and Timothy, we managed to slay it and each took a feather from it’s tail as a trophy. We were wondering if we could find it’s nest with eggs, which are worth 10000 gold each but we dismissed the idea quickly.
We make it to Middenheim shortly after. The city is as magnificent and elegant as the tales portray it. It is beautiful, filled with Victorian and Gothic architecture, it’s swarming with people of all races and backgrounds, it is divided by a beautiful river with gondolas and the entire atmosphere is majestic. It truly deserves it’s name of “City of dreams” and we have all heard the phrase “ hopes and dreams come alive in Middenheim”.
We recollect some bits of history about this city: in the old times it was called Vedancia, named after Lucifer Vedan, a great king who led through battle and saved the city from a powerful horde of demons who attacked and destroyed the city. Currently, Middenheim is the main city in the realm, and it’s current leader is Galand Veil.
Hearing the name reminds Luna of their old friend, Mayor Garland and she asks around about any news in Greylock. She is relieved to hear that everything seem fine and peaceful there. She crafts a small letter for the mayor, informing him we’re well and wishing him and his town the best. She also inquires about the fate of Dardun but there are no news from there.
There are lots of temples in town dedicated to every major deity, merchants who sell all manner of exotic and unique wares and mounts and pets. We admire some things a little but can’t afford to buy anything so far and we decide to look for some work, as well as a new mercenary. We check out the board postings where 4 tasks are posted:

  • Reclaim a bridge from frost giants – with a 10 000 gold reward
  • Get 5 hides of displacer beasts (panthers with tentacles and claws at the end and who have a special ability which allows them to appear to be somewhere but be somewhere else)- 1000 gold reward
  • Slaying the iron dragon in the Old Hills – with a reward of 5000 gold and a fort with a wall and all sorts of amenities.
  • Save the children kidnapped by trolls 2 days ago- 5000 gold reward.
    We decide to go the next day on the mission to save the children, as we find it the most important of the task. We also take a look at the mercenaries but the highly skilled ones seem out of our price range right now.
    Vile gets a hold of someone from the Brotherhood of Twilight and he asks audience with one of the higher ups. He meets with Lucain, who tells him to not attempt any jobs without permission, since the city has very strict policies and that at the moment there aren’t any tasks available.= but he will let him know of new “job” opportunities.
    Luna, Wilfred and Rajyrick go to the Purple Orchid inn. Rajyrick performs for gold, while Luna goes to rest immediately. She dreams of Bahamut letting her know that the journey towards Coldfyre Pass will be very challenging and wishing her to be cautious of all the obstacles on the way there. Wilfred enjoys a drink at the inn and getting into a heated argument with Timothy, calling him useless and a waste of 900 gold.
    Vile visits the exotics war pet merchant where he purchases a beautiful displacer cat whom he names Siccari. He then goes to sleep with it in the stables. It smells bad there but he is not disturbed by it, saying it always smells like this is the Underdark.
    In the morning, Vile introduces us to the newest addition to our party and we proceed towards the troll caves to save the children. We leave Timothy behind thinking he is more of a burden than a help. We also get into a small argument with some very snobby guards who call us peasants and ask us to leave the city.
    We leave and head towards North-East. After a few days, as we are approaching the mountains, the snow is getting higher and higher and it becomes very difficult to move. Wilfred finds some trails with what looks like troll footprints and we follow them.
    As we are following the tracks we get surprised by three frost wraiths who immediately attack and knock us all prone. The amount they hurt us for is very high and Luna is struggling to keep the party alive. The battle is very long because of constant misses against the wraiths and not being able to get up from prone. The new pet cat proves to be extremely useful, having both very high survivability and dealing lots of damage. Wilfred the bear is very frustrated and exclaims threateningly ‘Ohhh when I get up….!” We eventually manage to slay two of them, but a third one, stalks Luna as she crawls away and decapitates her with a crit. She dies encased in a block of ice, with her dreams of becoming a champion of Bahamut never to come true…
    Seeing their fallen cleric angers the party and they get a boost of energy and score multiple crits in a row against the wraith and murder it. Vile and Wilfred then get Luna’s body and start heading back to the city and escape once again from another deadly encounter.
    Wilfred is now the only remaining original member of the party who started the adventures on the Black Isles oh so long ago. Thorgar was gone, then Jinx, and now Luna… With deep grief, the 3 men and the cat go back to Middenheim in search for a new companion, in a desperate hurry, knowing that each seconds countless of souls need to be saved from their eternal torment in the Far Realm…A sorrowsworn saga indeed.



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