Zedkriel Heartsong

The Hedonist Bard


The blood-bond ritual changes the appearance. Dark gray eyes that turn red when they are angered or excited. Their skin is uniformly pale and the hair is black. His clothes are very fine wares and have embroidered a subtle grinning mask on his back.

C.S.: 10 Inches


Brindol , part of a noble bloodline that runs there and part of the 13, the family is well known to Lord Jarmaath and the family holds good favor with them. My ability to charm my way in and out of trouble, my family’s money and nobile name which has granted my a privileged life and my hidden vampire lineage which has made myself and my family a long last legacy known to many. My musicianship is nearly unmatched and I have used that gift to get women and political favors as well as entertained other royalty in order to rob them blind later on….for fun, of course. My Weakness is Spoiled royalty syndrome. Because of my easy life, I grow weary of it at times and seek out trouble in the form of thievery and roguish behaviors. Tenancies toward vanity and a lust for pleasures of the flesh wherever they may come. Some might say that my lusts have guided my logic on a few occasions and the thrill of the conquest, be it stealing from a tiresome noble’s home, or simply stealthing in through the window to steal the flower of their daughter debutant gives me the rush that no amount of money could buy.

Zedkriel Heartsong

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