Sorrowsworn Saga

Quest: Slay the Iron Dragon
Iron Dragon
We arrive to Middenhiem after our long journey back from the Snowfields with our fallen cleric Luna. We decide to sell Luna gear besides her armor and weapon so that she can have a proper burial. We head the Temple of Bahamut for Luna’s burial. We a greeted by one of the priestess of Bahamut and we inform her of the death of Luna. They take her body and prepare her for the funeral. We are approached by a Paladin of Bahamut after hearing about our fallen companion. She has offered to replace Luna and continue her cause to complete our mission, her name is Israfel. We inform Israfel to meet us at the Purple Orchid Inn to explain our mission. We follow the priestesses to the ceremony which is in the back of the temple. Vile refuses to go to the ceremony. We congregate around Luna to give our respects. Wilfred and Rayjrik give their final respects and are quite sadden for Luna’s soul. We tell Israfel to meet us later after she is done getting her things. Vile heads to the Thieves guild and receives a guest to assassinate Raynold Atkins. Vile is discussing himself as an old man for this job. During the night heads to Raynold’s house and murders him in his sleep next to his wife. He returns back to the Thieves guild to collect his reward. He only gives him half of the reward and promises to give the rest of the reward in a few days. The man was interested in Raynold’s wife for his own. At the Purple Orchid Rayjrik and Wilfred enjoy many alcoholic beverages and dinner. Wilfred challenges one of the townsfolk to a drinking competition which he loses the competition and becomes shitfaced. Israfel comes to the inn to meet us and to discuss in detail our journey. Rayjrik describes to Israfel our finding and why we need to head to Coldfyre Pass but does tell her about black pillar and how it takes everyone souls to the far realm. After our drunken night we are ready for our journey backs to the find the missing children that were taken by the trolls. During our morning breakfast we hear about from the townsfolk how there was a murder and a lady was abducted. We also receive a letter from a man that drops it on accident it states L.M. “It is time” Wilfred is curious about what this could mean. A man in the corner beacons him to closer and he say to talk to the bartender to if he want to know more. The Bartender says that letter means it’s time for Lou Malnati’s Pizza. (Thanks Giam)

After we enjoy our breakfast we decide to go back to the troll cave to find missing children. Since we had to return to Middenhiem early due to Luna’s death it is a very small chance that we will find the children alive but we still need to investigate anyways. The troll cave is about a 4 day journey and we are able to arrive without any problems. We can hear troll sounds coming from the cave and we are unsure if it’s just a couple of trolls or an entrance to a troll kingdom. We don’t waste any time and walk right into the cave which we encounter 5 trolls. We able to slay the trolls without much trouble and Israfel seem to be great addition to our party. We investigate the cave see the all the children have been eaten by trolls and there is nothing to bring back to Middenhiem other than ripped flesh and bones. While we are searching around we do find a +2 radiant longsword which is perfect for Israfel. We do notice that the cave continues and goes deeper down, and we have Vile go scout the area below. He spots a giant Fell troll sleeping which looks like he is guarding the entrance to what looks like a troll kingdom. We decide to leave the cave immediately knowing that the troll would eat us all fairly easily. We start our journey back in which we spot a Frost Giant and some wraiths which we flee from. The next day we are spot some more deadly creatures which we are fortunate to spot them first enabling us to flee successfully.

We arrive to Middenhiem after our treacherous journey back from the troll cave. We are able to claim the reward for the missing children thanks to Israfel being paladin and using her word as proof instead of actual evidence that that children had perished. With the reward money we are able to upgrade some of our gear and Wilfred buys a new Dire Bear pet named Ursoc which should help with our journeys. After staying in town for a couple of days we decide to head south and kill the Iron Dragon to help the people of Middenhiem and to claim the 10,000 gold reward along with a keep to call our own.

We start heading south west toward Vostok Highland to find this Iron dragon that has been ravaging the area. We arrive to Vostok but cannot find the dragon anywhere. We travel for days until we encounter group of centaurs that tell us to leave immediately and to not trespass through their lands. These centaurs speak Sylvan which Wilfred understands, Wilfred explains to them that they are trying to find and slay the Iron Dragon in this area. The centaurs are willing g to help and guide us to where the Iron dragon was last spotted. The centaurs lead us to a giant tower which the Iron dragon is sitting upon. They wish us good luck and leave us there to kill the dragon on our own. Vile tries stealthing to get closer to the tower but is immediately seen. The large dragon swoops down from the tower and the battle begins. The dragon is able to attack us from flight and never lands which makes Wilfred, Ursoc, and Israfel fairly useless. After a very long battle we are able critically injure the dragon. The dragon cowardly flies south away from us. Wilfred has the idea to ask the centaurs if they knew an area where the dragon could go in the area south of us to lick his would. They tell us of a nearby cave where he could be. We go investigate the cave immediately and spot our surprised injured dragon. With a couple of blows we are able to kill the dragon. We cut off his head and head to Middenhiem for our reward. We granted a Kings welcome for our accomplishments from the city of Middenhiem and our names become famous throughout the large city. We claim our gold reward and keep.

Perma-frost, perma-prone session
May 3rd notes

We arrive in Dardun without any incidents. It is a peaceful little farm town with groves of apple trees scattered about and bees buzzing throughout the trees. The townsfolk look at us strangely, not being quite used to travelers, especially at that time of the year. There are wagons and carts full of apples everywhere, farmlands all around the area. The smell of apples is intoxicating. A little bee flies around Wilfred and lands on his hand. As he is admiring it and contemplating for this bee to become an addition to his small animals collection, he tries to attract the bee with his “honey lips” but unfortunately she flies away.
We approach the local inn, cleverly called “The Honeybee”. Medera the town’s leader is also the inkeeper, she is very welcoming and we buy delicious apple cider, a jar of high quality Dardun honey, some apple cinnamon incense and some fine apple tobacco. We have a brief conversation with her and she recommends us to meet with Taglan, a respectable citizen who love meeting up with travelers and conversing with them.
Surprisingly, Taglan walks into the inn shortly after, and we start making some small talk. Teglan was very curious about us and our travels and any information. Excited to see someone interested in us, Luna quickly announces Wilfred is an elder druid, to which Wilfred modestly replies that he is just a man who loves nature. We have a walk with Taglan through the town, he is showing us around and hearing us mention jokingly how we’d like to retire here, he recommends us to buy a small but beautiful cottage that would cost us about 1000 gold. We are wondering why homes are so expensive here, and he says he did honest work and saved up for his house for 10 years. He now has 2 children in his teens and he is content with his life and loves Dardun. We continue praising the town and it’s apples and quiet and wonder if there have ever been any troubles here. Taglan says the town is doing fine, only once every few years an ogre would come and cause troubles but other than that things have been safe and fine until recently. When we ask what exactly is happening, he lowers his voice and says there are rumors of a dragon taking settlement in the Old Hills and kidnapping people. A few people had been missing and just a few days ago farmer Johnson barely escaped with his life from the dragon, but his friend got caught. We decide to pay him a visit and maybe get some more information from him. He is an old man and not very interested in talking to us. The only information he is willing to give us is that the dragon was gray, and the largest he’d ever seen and then he asked us to leave him alone.
Taglan offers us a small cask of fine Dardun cider from his cellar as a present and Luna in return offers him the second bottle of wine she’s been carrying from Silverwind from months and months ago. Then, he asks us to tell him an exciting story from his travels and we tell him about the horrifying bahir that we’d encountered a few days ago and how we managed to escape from him by pure luck and by Rajyrick’s enchanting lute song. Rajyrick then plays a song for Taglan and we praise him, saying he will one day be the most famous bard in the realm. We then say farewell to our new friend, wishing him well and hoping to see him again soon.
On the way to the inn Rajyrick contemplates writing a song about the beauties of Dardun. Wilfred gathers a pouch of Dardun apple seeds and enchants them, making them sprout and grow into majestic trees. He plants one tree by the inn and as he does that, some plump bees are flying around him and drunkenly fall asleep on the ground.
We then enjoyed a fine dinner at the inn, and a delicious apple pie for dessert. Rajyrick performed a little for the visitors of the inn and then we retreated for the night.
In the morning we enjoyed some apple strudel that was the best dessert we’ve ever eaten and then continued our journey with a deep sorrow in our heart and couldn’t stop thinking about the horrors and torment that await every creature that dies each day, including the folk of this quiet beautiful town. All of us would have loved to stay in town and enjoy a pleasant and simple life but we know that we have a great responsibility to carry and must sacrifice our wants for the greater good.
About 2 days away from Dardun we saw a gigantic statue, of about 100 feet in height walking slowly towards us. We established it was a primordial colossus, created by the ancient demigods who shaped this world. The are known to look like towers or statues but they come to life when approached by other living creatures. Being in the middle of a plain, there was nothing we could do, except run out west. After a few minutes when it was clear we aren’t in danger we became frightened at the idea that the colossus was heading towards Dardun and Luna prayed to Bahamut for safety of the citizens and asked that no harm would come to them.
Later, at the end of the session, we were informed the colossus was a level *28 elite * creature…..
We continue our journey east and then south of a river, spend a cold night on a lake shore, naked and bundled together under blankets. Timothy the pirate says this reminds him of the days he spent on the sea and that one day he will get a ship again and the good old days will come back.
On the next day, we were met by 10 riders with lances and wearing full plate armor. They were quite hostile towards us, especially when they found out we are headed towards Middenheim. But seeing Luna was a cleric of Bahamut they let us go. They were wearing elegant insignias portraying a sword crossed with a pistol, which meant they were guards from Middenheim.
The next day, a giant roc, with a wingspan of 80 feet descended from the skies and attacked us. After a long fight, with many missed attacks, especially from Luna and Timothy, we managed to slay it and each took a feather from it’s tail as a trophy. We were wondering if we could find it’s nest with eggs, which are worth 10000 gold each but we dismissed the idea quickly.
We make it to Middenheim shortly after. The city is as magnificent and elegant as the tales portray it. It is beautiful, filled with Victorian and Gothic architecture, it’s swarming with people of all races and backgrounds, it is divided by a beautiful river with gondolas and the entire atmosphere is majestic. It truly deserves it’s name of “City of dreams” and we have all heard the phrase “ hopes and dreams come alive in Middenheim”.
We recollect some bits of history about this city: in the old times it was called Vedancia, named after Lucifer Vedan, a great king who led through battle and saved the city from a powerful horde of demons who attacked and destroyed the city. Currently, Middenheim is the main city in the realm, and it’s current leader is Galand Veil.
Hearing the name reminds Luna of their old friend, Mayor Garland and she asks around about any news in Greylock. She is relieved to hear that everything seem fine and peaceful there. She crafts a small letter for the mayor, informing him we’re well and wishing him and his town the best. She also inquires about the fate of Dardun but there are no news from there.
There are lots of temples in town dedicated to every major deity, merchants who sell all manner of exotic and unique wares and mounts and pets. We admire some things a little but can’t afford to buy anything so far and we decide to look for some work, as well as a new mercenary. We check out the board postings where 4 tasks are posted:

  • Reclaim a bridge from frost giants – with a 10 000 gold reward
  • Get 5 hides of displacer beasts (panthers with tentacles and claws at the end and who have a special ability which allows them to appear to be somewhere but be somewhere else)- 1000 gold reward
  • Slaying the iron dragon in the Old Hills – with a reward of 5000 gold and a fort with a wall and all sorts of amenities.
  • Save the children kidnapped by trolls 2 days ago- 5000 gold reward.
    We decide to go the next day on the mission to save the children, as we find it the most important of the task. We also take a look at the mercenaries but the highly skilled ones seem out of our price range right now.
    Vile gets a hold of someone from the Brotherhood of Twilight and he asks audience with one of the higher ups. He meets with Lucain, who tells him to not attempt any jobs without permission, since the city has very strict policies and that at the moment there aren’t any tasks available.= but he will let him know of new “job” opportunities.
    Luna, Wilfred and Rajyrick go to the Purple Orchid inn. Rajyrick performs for gold, while Luna goes to rest immediately. She dreams of Bahamut letting her know that the journey towards Coldfyre Pass will be very challenging and wishing her to be cautious of all the obstacles on the way there. Wilfred enjoys a drink at the inn and getting into a heated argument with Timothy, calling him useless and a waste of 900 gold.
    Vile visits the exotics war pet merchant where he purchases a beautiful displacer cat whom he names Siccari. He then goes to sleep with it in the stables. It smells bad there but he is not disturbed by it, saying it always smells like this is the Underdark.
    In the morning, Vile introduces us to the newest addition to our party and we proceed towards the troll caves to save the children. We leave Timothy behind thinking he is more of a burden than a help. We also get into a small argument with some very snobby guards who call us peasants and ask us to leave the city.
    We leave and head towards North-East. After a few days, as we are approaching the mountains, the snow is getting higher and higher and it becomes very difficult to move. Wilfred finds some trails with what looks like troll footprints and we follow them.
    As we are following the tracks we get surprised by three frost wraiths who immediately attack and knock us all prone. The amount they hurt us for is very high and Luna is struggling to keep the party alive. The battle is very long because of constant misses against the wraiths and not being able to get up from prone. The new pet cat proves to be extremely useful, having both very high survivability and dealing lots of damage. Wilfred the bear is very frustrated and exclaims threateningly ‘Ohhh when I get up….!” We eventually manage to slay two of them, but a third one, stalks Luna as she crawls away and decapitates her with a crit. She dies encased in a block of ice, with her dreams of becoming a champion of Bahamut never to come true…
    Seeing their fallen cleric angers the party and they get a boost of energy and score multiple crits in a row against the wraith and murder it. Vile and Wilfred then get Luna’s body and start heading back to the city and escape once again from another deadly encounter.
    Wilfred is now the only remaining original member of the party who started the adventures on the Black Isles oh so long ago. Thorgar was gone, then Jinx, and now Luna… With deep grief, the 3 men and the cat go back to Middenheim in search for a new companion, in a desperate hurry, knowing that each seconds countless of souls need to be saved from their eternal torment in the Far Realm…A sorrowsworn saga indeed.
Adventures along the journey to the North!
April 26 notes

Before heading out onto new adventures we do some research on the neighboring areas:

  • Candlewood was once a logging settlement and provision stop. Now the ogres massacred everyone and the place lies in ruin.
  • Volkgorod- a barbarian settlement where people engage in fishing and hunting and are fending off frost giant raiding parties. Pretty unfriendly to outsiders.
  • Dardun – a quaint town famous for it’s apple orchards, wines, cheeses. The leader of the town is Madera, and she is of elven descend.
  • South Shadoweald- very similar to North Shadoweald, but a much larger concentration of undead.

We decide to make a trip to Borstov landing in order to resupply and hire a mercenary. The way there was unadventurous except for one battle against a bullette.
Borstov landing is a small town and we didn’t find a large selection of mercenaries there. Our only three options were:a very young mage, a knife fighter and a pirate.
We considered the mage first, but he seemed very inexperienced, so we went with the pirate. His price was 900 gold, which we didn’t have. Wilfred sold the remainder of beholder eyes and combined with Luna’s savings they managed to hire the pirate, whose name was Timothy.
They spend the night in the town the usual way – Wilfred at the inn drinking dwarven ale, Luna at the temple of Bahamut “praying”, Vile sneaking into the night robbing everything and Rajyrick performing in taverns earning gold and building a reputation for himself.
Vile first went to the general shop where he stole over a hundred gold, then he went to the magic shop and got a nice new set of armor and some gold. Happy with his income, he then went to the inn to visit with Wilfred but he got kicked out of the inn for being “a dirty drow” and “a thief”.
Vile was very upset with the treatment he got and decided to take revenge upon the innkeeper for the way he treated him and his family.
He poisons the flour and ale in the innkeeper’s storage. Blinded by rage, he doesn’t realize that his party members will get poisoned as well since they eat at the inn.
Next morning, everyone feels sick and starts hallucinating. The inkeep throws away all the flour to prevent everyone from getting sick. Wilfred thinks it’s the imperial assassins who have tried to poison us because “they know we’d eat the food of the inn. They sure know I’ll be eating every morning!!”
We decide to go to the apothecary and get an antidote, and on the way there we all hallucinate Shadowmire flying over the town and all sorts of beasts and weird figures.
At the apothecary we buy antidote for 20 gold and Luna wants to buy for all the people who got poisoned (16) but she only has 180 gold so she asks for a discount. The apothecary causes a scene saying he doesn’t care that the town is going crazy. He calls the guards on us so we rush away.
We go looking for Timothy, who is eating breakfast at the “Red Rodent” but the guards find us there and kick us out of town.
Luna is worried about the little animals that live with Wilfred and asks him about them and he says: “Thank gods they didn’t eat the food, they would have died, especially this one” and he points and kisses the mouse.
About a half hour away from town we find Vile lying in the grass resting. Wilfred immediately begins suspecting him of poisoning us and is interrogating him. He also calls Vile a “thief, you steal, poison, and lie and backstab”.
He makes Vile return the gold to the innkeeper to repay him for all the food losses he had. Vile complies, so in the middle of the night he sneaks into the inn and returns the gold in a chest but on the way out he gets caught by a guard. He then uses his special ability to save himself: he stabs himself in the hand and vanishes. He runs away from the village as they close the gates and start ringing the bells. When we hear the bells ringing we know it’s him and when Vile approaches us we all start running away together, with Wilfred assuming his bear shape and running ahead of us.
We interrupt our D&D session for a few minutes and discuss our wedding and wedding budgets and Dane mentions that Giam’s parents gave him and Amy “500 gold”**
Our journey to the north is mostly peaceful interrupted occasionally by encounters that sometimes prove to be challenging but every time we win and escape safely. We fought two dark drakes of the moon hills, which were flying enemies and it was tough. We also fought two horrific cyclops who mauled to death 3 members of the ranger’s guild. We were very disturbed to find their mutilated bodies here and figuring out their story. We found that they went to investigate the Blackleaf Ruins and got severely injured there and were returning home wounded. We recollected what we knew about the Blackleaf ruins, and the story is very haunting and eerie: Blackleaf was once the beautiful home of Twilight Elves and one day a hero went to slaughter a bog hag who defeated him in battle and sent his undead body leading an army of horrors to destroy the city, which is now a cursed place.
With deep grief in our hearts, we offered a small burial ceremony to the fallen rangers (an elf and two humans” and Wilfred took their emblems in hopes he’ll get to return them to the Guild one day.
We took form the rangers two items:
+1 darkened long sword of the falcon
+3 dusklit longbow of phantoms. made of darksteel
As much as we wanted to investigate Blackleaf ruin ourselves and find the hag and murder her, we knew that we must save the tormented souls from the Far Realm, that is our priority and all other things can be done afterwards.
We came across a rotten glade, with rotten trees and a virulent pool with a cloud of insects. A skeletal bog hag talks to us. Rajyrick tries to charm her, calling her a “lovely maiden”. She calls him a charmer and asks us to find her bone staff which was stolen by a nymph. Rajyrick refers to her as “a rose and the most beautiful damsel in the land”, even though she is 8 feet tall and absolutely terrifying.
We refuse to retrieve her staff for her and she goes back to her pool of filth.
As we continue our journey through the creepy marshes, we hear the hag’s cackle and shortly after she unleashes her pet – the flamekissed hydra. It’s a 4 headed beast, each head performing an attack each and once a head is slain, it has to take cold or acidic damage otherwise it will grow 2 in it’s place. We manage to slay the hydra and continue our trip.
The magnificent Tower of Pearl stands ahead of us after a few days journey. It is known to be as dangerous as it is beautiful. It’s lights can be seen from miles away and captivated by this majestic tower, which used to house Aden, the greatest mage of all times we decide to explore it. We are also hoping to find clues about Aden there, and perhaps maybe even a portal to take us directly up north.
Vile scouts ahead and approaches the 20 ft wall that surrounds the base of the tower. It is made out of a silvery metal and as he comes by the gate, a liquidy mouth morphs within the gate and it says: “Beware stranger, you’ve been warned. If you don’t have permission-certain death awaits”.
This warning suffices for us and we decide to let the tower unexplored. For now.
Mr. Walnut’s home is not too far from where we are so we decide to go pay him a visit and maybe get some advice or help from him. On our way there we had a long and exhausting fight with some flying manticores, then we successfully avoided some hill giants by hiding in the grass and the next day we fought an umberhulk.
In the distance we see Mr. Walnut’s home. It’s very quaint, with smoke coming from the chimney, but still something seems odd. As we approach- we figure out what: there is a skeleton in front of the door. It looks as if his flesh had been ripped from him by some powerful magic. Rajyrick feels magic emanating all around the house. He knocks on the glass window and we hear something break and then it’s all quite. The door opens, and Mr. Walnut motions all inside. He looks just like in the tales: dressed in a suit, with a walnut head and walnuts for hands. He makes cute little sounds instead of normal words and he invites us to have tea with him. Luna offers him one of the bottles of wine she had bought a long time ago for Mayor Garland because it’s the only thing suitable for a present. Mr. Walnut takes it gladly and rubs her head with his walnut hand. He then takes it into some room and quickly closes the door as if he doesn’t want us to see something. As we’re drinking our tea, Rajyrick notices a pile of flesh casually laying in a corner of the room we’re in. He shows it to us and we’re all very creeped out by it, but nothing we can do.
When we’re done with the tea, Mr. Walnut takes us into the bedroom. The bed are little walnuts and none of us wants to sleep in this house. Rajyrick is wondering if Mr. Walnut would like to listen to some soothing music and he takes out his lute and plays the most beautiful song he knows. Suddenly, we hear a rattling noise in Mr. Walnut’s head and then the lute explodes into a million pieces! Rajyrick is so upset to have lost his magical lute, but Luna informs him she has a plain old one that he can use until he gets a replacement. Mr. Walnut claps his hands when the lute explodes and motions us to our beds. Vile goes in his nutshell immediately and the rest of us have no choice and we go to sleep as well. He tucks us in and closes the lid to our walnuts.
We wake up incredibly refreshed and relaxed, even the elf and the drow managed to sleep for the first time in their lives, which equally astounds and disturbs them.
Mr. Walnut is waiting for us in the living room. On the table there are 5 beautiful walnuts with colorful ribbons attached to them. We just then notice that Timothy hasn’t followed us in the house. Each of us gets to pick a walnut which we later open. Luna picked the silver one and got 2000 bonus exp., Wilfred took the green one and got a +2 Stat increase to an ability of his choice, Vile chose gold and got 3 enchantments for his gear, and Rajyrick picked red and got a pouch of 5000 gold pieces.
Rajyrick then asks Mr. Walnut if he can somehow get his lute back and for a fraction of a second Mr. Walnut’s head splits into two and in the void between Rajyrick sees an immense and unimaginable horror. He collapses to the ground in agony.
We leave the house immediately and recollect that some legends state that Mr. Walnut is a being of the Far Realm who came on the physical realm to use his powers for a good cause.
Outside we meet Timothy who also says that he’s been sleeping and feels very well rested and judging by the arrangement of stars in the sky we determine it is now the month of November and we’ve been sleeping for a month.
Quiet disturbed, we continue onwards and we come across a bahir- a multi legged highly intelligent serpent. Fighting him is well beyond our powers so instead, we try reasoning with him. We are forced to tell him about our quest, and then Rajyrick even plays him a beautiful song, which delights the bahir. He lets us go and laughs at us and our mission .

To Shadowmire the Black Dragon
Black Dragon


To Shadowmire:
After defeating the giant bristle spider that was the cause of the corruption of the Northern Shadow Weald, we leave the corrupted soil of the shadow weald and find Moonlight waiting for us. We follow our tracks back but we come across an abandoned excavation site with mine carts and blood thrown about the area. While we are discussing the matter we are approached by the same dryad that we encounter before. He confirms that we have cleans the forest and there is nothing left for us to do here and that excavation site was due to undead killing off elven workers that dug too deep. We decide to head back to Silverwind to find out more about the Covenant after our finding about JR, Adragoras, and Shadowmire the black dragon. We make camp and during the night we are surprised by a dark figure in menacing robes which turns out to be a massager from Shadowmire the Black Dragon. He states that his greatness demands your presence at once and it would be foolish to deny is his request. We decide to heed this beacon call knowing we are at his mercy. After the long night we head off to the Carinwater Cavern were he resides. Rajyrik is overwhelmed with fear about have to go see Shadowmire which haunted his soul back in the bristle spider lair.
During our travels we get ambushed by 5 imperial assassins that look like shadows that were hired by someone we do not know. They warn us that our death imminent. After a lengthy battle we finally able to kill them off one by one to their surprise. They are unwilling to say who hired them as we kill the final one. We continue our journey to Carinwater Cavern by stopping in Barstov Landing. Four heavy armored guards that ask us what our business is before they let us in. We let them know that we are traveling through from Silverwind and they let us in without any problems. We sell all of our extra weapons and armor at the local armory for a good amount of gold that is split up between Luna and Wilfred. Calinor buys 40 dragon arrows of +5 damage sell an expensive bow worth a lot more than the arrows and some gold from Rajyrik. After selling our loot we head to the Claymore Inn and we meet Hawk the ranger that we meet before along the coast of the Twilight Bay. Rajyrik sings a wondrous song of our adventures to Hawk to tell him of our great adventures to help him ease up to our party. After several attempts to get Hawk to tell us of travels he insists not telling us anything. He leaves the inn and Calinor runs after him to befriend him. He shows him his unicorn to show to impress Hawk but he remain consistent with his silence. He states to Calinor that he would be able to tell him more if he was a member of the ranger’s guild. He mentions that the guild is organized at the Outpost if he wants to enlist. We notice that our Paladin friend that we meet in the Northern Shadow Weald has abandoned us and is nowhere to be found.
Back in the Claymore Inn Rajyrik tries to sweet talk the lovely barkeeper but his word falls flat and she get terribly offended by him. Wilfred summons Rajyrik to sit down and drink some Fine Dwarven Ale !! The party starts in indulge themselves and starts drinking several Dwarven Ales! Luna drinks some fine wine in the corner. We all start to get quite drunk except for Wilfred who has only just began. During this drunkenness a tipsy Calinor challenges Wilfred to drinking contest. Which he will soon regret since Wilfred is a veteran Dwarven drinker. The bet is whoever can drink the most without passing out wins. If you lose the bet you have to do something embarrassing. We decide that if Calinor loses he has to run around town in women’s clothing and if Wilfred loses he will have to dress up as the town fool. Calinor loses the drinking game quickly after only a few rounds. He passes out almost immediately after starting the drinking game. Wilfred picks up passes out Calinor and has the whole the inn slap Calinor’s ass and brings him to his room to pass out. Right before Wilfred passes out he feels something goes up his leg. Wilfred wakes up in the morning and feels something weird between his legs. Wilfred takes off his pants and finds a Gecko attached to his balls. After some time he is able to convince the gecko to let go and Wilfred put him into his arm pit for safe keeping. In the morning Rajyrik is able to get some women’s clothing from Lucy the bar maid from last night. We are able the make Calinor look like a fine women and have him walk around town. He is harassed by several men that slap his ass and taunt him. The whole town is laughing at this comical event. Calinor takes offence and challenges several of the men to fight outside of town. He tries to stealth and fails his attempt. He falls on the ground getting more people to laugh at him. Calinor runs back to the inn in embarrassed. While in the inn he is offered a great job opportunity by a finely dress man that sees Calinor true talent. Calinor threatens the man and we proceed out of town after he dresses back into his adventure gear.
The mood changed quickly after our drunken night knowing that we might be our end with our meeting with Shadowmire. We head down along the river to the Carinwater Cavern. We find a place to cross the river which looks like a sinking hole, which if we were to fall into would be our certain death. We are all able to jump cross the sink hole without any problems. As soon as we all are across the river we spot drow male with assassin like clothing. The party is threatened by him but he offers to join our party for coin and is willing to venture with us even though we are on our way to see a powerful black dragon. His name Vile and we welcome him. Soon after meeting Vile we see the messenger from Shadowmire again. He beacons us to follow him to the lair of Shadowmire. As soon as we start following him the area around us turns dark and the weather starts to storm. He leads us back to sink hole, he waves his staff and turns the sink hole into the passage that lead far down to the Carinwater Cavern where Shadowmire resides. The whole party is gripped with fear while we follow this messenger down knowing this might lead us to our death. Rajyrik is terrified and is consumed with visions of Shadowmire from the scrying device. He almost collapses this and is reluctant to proceed and in the meantime Moonlight runs off in terror and possibly never to be seen again. Calinor is greatly sadden by this. The party’s moral is at an all-time low while we head down the passage. We see several skeletons in cages and we fine one man that is still alive and is crying out for help. The messenger laughs at his cry’s and leads us to a giant opening with a large dark black lake. The messenger announces our presence which summons the mighty Shadowmire. The large lake starts to ripple and slowly Shadowmire rises from the lake. He shakes the water from his large wings which produce massive waves. At this point the whole party is trembling in fear and his hard to speak. Shadowmire is an elder black dragon is absolutely gigantic in stature. With a loud overwhelming yell he burst out acid from his mouth that destroys a large area of the rock in front of us. He then states that he is very displeased that we took so long to get to him and for killing the bristle spider minion. We all apologies profusely for making him upset. He then asks us why we were tracking J.R. . We tell him the story of the corrupted island and how we tracked him to the Northern Shadow Weald. Shadowmire starts laughing while Wilfred is explaining this. He then points to cage that is raised high above the chasm. He slowly lowers the cage which is a mutilated body of J.R. and laughs even loader.
Shadowmire begins to explain that he tortured J.R. to death to get all of the information that he acquired from the corrupted island that we were at long ago. During this torture J.R. explained to Shadowmire that he believes the island has several rifts to the far realm. That he concocted an alchemical potion on the island and decided to drink which almost made him insane. The potion was able for J.R. to communicate with the demi gods of the far realm. He found out that “The Dark One” slayed the greatest arch angle on Mount Celestia and he is able to convince the others that he was the arch angel that he slain. After doing so he then created the Black Flame Pillar, which is a vortex that channels all souls to head to the far realm where they are eternally tortured. For the past 100 years all souls have gone to the far realm and not have gone there proper afterlife. Shadowmire commands of us to retrieve the artifact the “Skull of Aiden” which was from greatest arch mage that ever lived. This artifact in the Coldfire pass now call Frostfire chasm. He needs this artifact to protect his soul from death to turn himself into a Dracolich and be able to put his soul into a phylactery and avoid his soul from heading to the far realm and granting him immortality. After retrieving this artifact he will then let us know where six other artifacts lie to help destroy this Black Flame Pillar. He then lets us go to do his bidding.
The party is greatly trouble about their findings from Shadowmire. We start to plan to how we are going to get to Frostfire Chasm which is very far north beyond the great wall. Calinor really want to go the Outpost which is about a couple weeks south of us, where he can apply to become a member of the Rangers guild. We decide that going to the Outpost is in the party’s interest to see if they have some advice on how to get to Frostfire Chasm. After a couple of weeks of traveling we reach the Outpost without any trouble. Calinor is excited to finally become part of the Rangers guild. He requests to see the head of the Rangers guild whose name is Laurien to initiate into the guild. Laurien first request Calinor to test his bow skills. Calinor passes the test without any problems. Calinor is granted an initiate membership to the Rangers guild and at this point Laurien request Calinor to tell him of his achievement and findings from adventuring. The first thing Calinor brings up is that he meet an elder black dragon about a couple of weeks ago in the Carinwater Cavern. Laurien is quickly offended by this thinking that Calinor is telling a tall tale. Calinor begins to get flustered. Laurien again asks if he had any information for him, Calinor blurts out about J.R. and the corrupted Island. At this point Laurien has had enough and dismisses Calinor and that he should go to his post with the other rangers and to meet him in the morning with some actual information. Calinor think that he blew his chance of being a member and request to see Laurien again after he has cleared his head. His request was rejected. Calinor tells the party of what happened and Wilfred takes upon himself to talk to Laurien in private to recommend Calinor. The guild leader accepts to listen to what Wilfred has to say. Wilfred explains that he is an Elder Druid and that he has been adventuring with Calinor for quite some time. Laurien doesn’t believe that Wilfred is and Elder Druid, Wilfred then turns into his bear form to prove his Druid status. Laurien is quite impressed by this and offers Wilfred membership into the guild in which he accepts. Wilfred continues to explain that Calinor is a fine ranger that has done many great deeds and has even befriended a unicorn. Laurien accepts the recommendation and walks to meet Calinor with Wilfred. He warns Calinor never to speak of false information to Rangers guild. After some time we talk to many rangers about certain locations and what the best way to get to Frostfire Chasm. They help us map a good route to this location and give us good information about the dangers they we might come across. We then start to buy supplies and upgrade our gear before our long journey from the outpost to Frostfire. During the night Wilfred find a mouse in his boot that want to be his friend. Wilfred gives him some crumbs from his beard and takes in the lovely creature. We head out in the morning towards Windsong.
We arrive in Windsong which is a quaint, peaceful little town. There are a few shops, a temple of Bahamut and a lovely little inn. Wilfred goes by the orchard by a pond to enjoy some quiet time. There is only one fish in the pond. A little frog jumps on Wilfred and takes residence on his chest and licks the salt on his tit. He is very pleased with all these little creatures coming by him and he is finding names for all of them: he names the mouse Vincent, the frog- Shamus and the gecko-Gregory. Afterwards, he decides to go to the inn, which is called “The Humble Hedgehog” and Calinor joins him. The innkeeper is very humble and very hospitable. Calinor brought a rabbit that he hunted and asked the innkeeper to cook it. Calinor is upset and surprised that Wilfred won’t eat meat, but seems to understand that a druid will not take the life of living creatures to sustain his own. They eat dinner together and enjoy some drinks and praise the beautiful orchard, the pond and the fish, whom Wilfred describes as “spectacular” and “so big, it could probably slay a human” which brings pure bliss to the innkeeper. Wilfred feeds the mouse crumbs and gives water to the gecko. Seeing all of Wilfred’s animal companions saddens Calinor very much so he goes to his room. Wilfred decides to find a way to cheer him up. He talks to the innkeeper (James) and hires through him a flute musician to play a song about unicorns to Calinor in order to make him forget about his loss. The musician arrives to Calinor’s room and plays a mournful song called “The lost Unicorn”. The lyrics go somewhat like : “My poor lost unicorn/never coming back again/I miss him so much/ etc” . The song maddens Calinor and he throws the poor bard out of the inn and breaks his flute over the head of the old man. James the innkeeper cries behind the counter and Wilfred is in shock too. Calinor yells at Wilfred for mocking his sadness and says “I shall snatch that frog from your teat, but I won’t”, and Wilfred plays innocent “It’s a bard specialized in unicorn songs, i only meant to cheer you up”. Calinor storms out of the inn and goes by the pond to clear his thought. The fish is staring at him from the water. The poor old bard is crying in front of the inn, holding his head. Wilfred is doing a healing word on him, curing his head and pays for his broken flute- gives him 20 gold. The bard feels a lot better and thanks him very much. Wilfred is upset by the situation and tells the innkeeper “I tried to do good, I went out of my way to help him and cheer him up, and look what he did”. James is still very shaken up and he tells Wilfred: ‘It was horrifying, I thought he was a demon; we never have had this happen here in this town. Tell him to not come back. He’s not for us". Wilfred asks James: “Am i for us?“, to which James nods and says: “Oh yes”. In the meantime, Luna is is trying to please Bahamuth by doing good deeds around town, giving money to the three beggar of the town, and donating gold to the temple. The priestesses invite her to pray with them and perform rituals and she spends the night there, praying. Rajyrick performs all night at the tavern and earns some money. Vile is trying to find some rumours around town, but is disappointed that the only things he finds out are that fishing is not very bountiful this year and that apples aren’t ripe enough. He then goes to trances on the top of a roof until nightfall, then he goes to steal a few things here and there. He gets a few grams of exquisite dreamleaf, some cold weather gear and some arrows. In the morning, James offers Wilfred some fresh apples from the orchard, they are delicious and are rival to apples of Dardun. Wilfred gives the fish his name, to which the innkeeper has no objection. The party then gathers to start a new journey to the north and enjoying some nice pastries brought by Luna. The session ends with a little bird flying into Wilfred’s beard and making it his home. Wilfred names it “Feather”.

Cleansing the corrupted forest-March 29 notes

Shortly after we woke up in the glade, we met Vis -a goliath knight who hates undead and who’s mission is to eradicate them all. While introducing each other, we heard some strange noises not too far away and when we went to investigate what it is, we discovered a group of kobolds in patch of radishes eating and rolling on the ground. We then remembered that kobolds absolutely adore radishes and will eat them till they get sick and we left them alone.

As Wilfred was telling Vis about our party’s adventures, a voice stated “You seek answers” and a dryad lady emerged from a tree. She told us she needed help cleansing the forest and healing it. She informed that even though we slayed Fen, it is not enough to heal the forest, because he wasn’t the only one responsible for the corruption of the forest. He serves someone with far greater power and that creature must be eradicated. The dryad wasn’t able to give us more information, besides telling us that “dark ones who shadowed us and were here before us”. She said we need to journey to heart of the forest and have to enter underground to get to the creatures that and Fen worships. Because there’s great danger, perhaps even beyond our means, she wouldn’t come with us that far, and only plant a seed with a mental image in Wilfred’s mind of where that is.

We then met Rajyrik, a bard who just woke up in the forest and has no memory of how he got there, but he thinks it’s related to the previous night of partying and drinking. He plays invigorating songs for us and tells us he’d like to accompany us and write songs praising our adventures.

The dryad takes us closer to the heart of the forest. The whole area is dead, with lots of thick cobweb, dark and creepy. We feel a great when we approach the area and a fog is overtaking our mind. There is a thick mist on the ground and cobwebs extend everywhere. There are cocoons here, with body parts of animals and humanoids sticking out here and there. Rajyrik plays moralising and uplifting music for us that seems to help a little but we soon realize that playing music may have been a mistake and that it would alert creatures about our presence. Sure enough, a group of black forest spiders surround us. Wilfred then assumes the form of a giant bear and scares them away.

We continue our journey towards the heart of the forest and see a chasm in the distance, with a purple aurora ascending from it. The spiders increase in number to bolst their courage and are following us. We soon see the edge of the chasm ahead of us and realize the aurora is necrotic in nature and that it would be very damaging for us. Also, the chasm is hundreds of feet deep. But by the time we are there, we are about to get attacked by a horde of spiders so we don’t have many choices. Wilfred quickly ties a few ropes together and attaches them to some metal spikes drilled into the walls of the chasm (it looks like someone else tried to go down there). While Wilfred does that, the spiders are closing in and attacked us. We fought back and killed a few of them and quickly went down the chasm with the rope.

Luna figures that the negative energy in the chasm is very damaging and lethal over time and that we have to complete our mission very quickly. We all make it down but we have to roll endurance., some of us fail our roll and and we lose half of the remaining healing surges.

There are cracks in the ground and purple light comes through them. There are 2 possible directions we can go but we don’t have much time so Luna quickly performs “Hand of fate” and the summoned hand points to the right, so we go in that direction.

We get to a cavern opening. There is a hideous acrid stench and we figure it is acid smell. There is also heat coming from within and a hideous voice, half in our head, half in real life says “who goes here, who enters my cavern?” It echoes in the cavern, “You dare disturb my preparations!!!” and the most gigantic spider we’ve ever seen, about 30 ft in circumference, with massive fangs and acid dripping comes in. It is an extremely rare version of a rare shadow bristle spider, who are guardians or elite servants of great powers. She informs us she is a broodmother and a servant of Adragoras. She is not impressed with the fact that we had slain Fen, considering him weak and she threatens to devour us. She doesn’t feel humiliated by being just a servant, for she “has her own plans” once a new world is being established by Adragoras. ‘

Battling her is difficult, she is poisoning, slowing, dazing and blinding us and we are contemplating to flee as we are missing every hit against her , but the fate turns in our favor, with 2 criticals in a row from Wilfred. Rajyrik plays mocking songs and burns her and heals us everytime we damage her.

After a very long battle, we manage to slay her. In her chambers we find about 100 eggs, which we destroy promptly. Nasty oozes and small embryos of spiders come out from them. There is also a huge dark purple crystal on the ground, surrounded by 8 holes in the ground in a circle, in each hole a pulsing purple glow. We figure it is a crystal scrying device, and that the holes are conduits that go deep in the ground and connect to channels within the forest, and that perhaps the broodmother would sit on top of the crystals, put her 8 legs in the holes and poison the forest this way.

As Rajyrik is staring in the scrying device, a horryfying black dragon face , grinning hideously comes up. He feels an immense fear but can’t look away. Everyone notices that and Wilfred grabs him and stops him from looking. Rajyrik is very disturbed by this and needs some time to recover. THe dragon, which we assume is Adragoras says: ”Well well, it seems you are quite impressive isn’t, normally i’ll have you destroyed but maybe you can be of use: come and find me in Carnwater cavern, we must speak, if you deny my call, I will find you”. Carnwater Cavers is a mazelike place, home of Shadomire the black, and i has countless subterranean caves.

Upon inspecting this area before we leave it, we find a hidden place in the back of the cave, where the ground was ripped up and covered over, and there are 3 chests. One of them has humans gear – boots, belt pouch, +1 longsword, and shattered armor. In the pouch there is a small potion- weird mixture phenomenally difficult to create with out of this world ingredients, maybe a poison. In the other chests we find: +2 crystalline longbow of the falcon, +1 pale shortsword, +1 battleaxe of sorrow, ashen ring silver with a ruby, +2 darkened leather armor of heroes.

We keep digging more thinking these are the remains of J.R. but we don’t find anything. Wilfred inspects all of the items again and finds a small scroll in a compartment of the boots: – “I descend into the abyss, to end this. Should I fail and my body end up in some desperate place, know thatI lived – J.R.”

Luna prays to Bahamuth to ask for guidance on what shall we do next. He tells her that our mission there is done and it is time to move on and let time heal this forest. She performs “Gentle repose” on the spider’s corpse to prevent it from being reanimated and the dragon screams to us one last time “Do not test me!!!”

We are trying to figure out ways to destroy the crystal but it may be beyond our means…

In the depths of Northern Shadow Weald

We decide to head deeper into the forest towards the center of the shadow weld and suspect this is the domain of the dark druid. We come to an open area where the trees become sparse. It looks like it was once a beautiful meadow, but now is just consumed in darkness. Wilfred grabs a hand full of soil and feels that the soil has been corrupted by an evil being. Wilfred feels this being at one point in time had good intentions but went astray from that path.
Calinor notices horse tracks, approximately two to three days old, leading towards one of the caves in the meadow. Jinx scouts ahead towards the cave and found two equine skeletons towards the back of the cave. Calinor and Wilfred notice the skeletons were unicorns with both horns shaved off, and were approximately three weeks to a month old. Calinor notices humanoid tracks around the unicorns. Wilfred buries the unicorn bones before we end our time in the cave.
We notice single horse tracks leaving the cave towards a grove near the center of the meadow. The humanoid tracks left the cave but mysteriously vanished. We head towards the grove and enter to find a dark, twilight type area. We see the tracks head towards the center of the grove and we decide to follow them, arriving at a den of some sort with bones strewn about. The bones are from various different forest animals (mainly deer) and humanoids, one seems to be that of a satyr. The same hoof prints from the cave were found near the den. After trying to follow the tracks they became too old and no longer able to be tracked.
We decide to stay in the grove and attempt to wait for this creature to return. We set up an audible trap that consisted of trip wire around our area. The audible trap would set off a log crashing down to alert us of anyone or anything crossing through it. We also set up a trap fashioned from bending a small tree to the ground with a rope that has a loop at the end in hopes we will catch whatever it is we are tracking. While sleeping we hear the trip wire triggered and heard a “snort” while seeing a blue illuminated light vanish behind the trees, then become angry and gallop towards the den. The blue we saw were his eyes. Initiative. Wilfred and Calinor find out that it is a dark unicorn we are fighting. These dark unicorns stand for everything against unicorns and good. Wilfred and Calinor have not seen this unicorn before and have only heard of them in legend.
Despite Calinor constantly missing, we managed to destroy the dusk unicorn. Jinx reached for the horn and lost two permanent constitution points, but he now has the horn. Calinor and Wilfred become enraged at Jinx wanting to keep the horn and confront him about. The party tries to reason with Jinx and tell him to get rid of the horn, and that it’s not worth his life. Jinx attempted to sprint off into the woods, but alas he cannot out run a ranger in the wilderness. Although Wilfred and Calinor tried to give Jinx a chance to surrender the horn, Jinx chose to keep the horn and a battle ensued. Wilfred and Calinor overcame Jinx, took his weapons and tied him up (Wilfred spat on the unconscious body of Jinx). Wilfred then healed Jinx for one last chance at reasoning, but Jinx looked at Wilfred and Calinor with pure hate and spat in Wilfred’s face. Wilfred then head butted Jinx in the face, ending any sort of relationship in the future. Wilfred didn’t want to risk Jinx leaving the forest and reporting to the thieves’ guild (To Wilfred and Calinor’s knowledge “some group”) so he killed Jinx. Luna and Thorgar catch up with Wilfred and Calinor to find the corpse of Jinx at their feet. After explaining the chances given, Thorgar and Luna understand Wilfred and Calinor’s love for the forest and agree that the horn should not leave the forest. The party leaves the grove and buries the dark unicorn horn next to the unicorns we buried previously. The party decides to sleep by an outcrop in the meadow and the night remained uneventful, despite getting mosquito bites around our cocks, not on our cocks just around.
Upon waking, ahead we see a frozen stream despite the hot and humid weather of summer. We remember that rifts into shadow realm put out cold. We turn to see two unicorns drinking from the cold water while they regard us with unease. The unicorns seem to want the company of Calinor, so Calinor goes toward the two. After conversing with the unicorns, one of the unicorns beckons Calinor to mount him and they began speeding off. After riding for thirty minutes or so, the unicorn stops at what appears slightly different than the rest of the shadow weld. Everything is darker and more silent than the rest of the shadow weld. Tiny ponds scatter the landscape choked with dead leaves. After dismounting, the unicorn does not leave Calinor’s side. Calinor suspected the unicorn wanted more and attempted to make the unicorn his companion. Calinor succeeded and now has a unicorn as a companion. Wilfred used his bear senses and was able to track down Calinor and the unicorn. Calinor filled the others in on what happened.
The party decides to move forward with mixed feelings of awe and dread. Despite the creepy ambience of the area, the party can’t help but have a sense of wonder. Calinor notices a creepy, motionless, disfigured humanoid off in the distance and halts the party. The figure appears to be nine feet tall. The party decides to drop down into the ravine, leaving Calinor behind with Moonlight. Thorgar calls out to the humanoid while continuing to slowly approach. The creature is not actually real; it seems to be made of mud. The figure was actually a decoy and now the party is being attacked by (what Calinor perceives) as a very dangerous enemy, known as a deep ogre. They are rarely alone and often use tactics like the decoy tactic used against our party. Another deep ogre comes out of hiding and charges the party. Initiative.
During the fight, a stranger showed up and began to help us. After much needed help from the stranger, we managed to slay the deep ogres. The stranger’s name is Zen and he appears to be some sort of wizard. He came across this forest through curiosity by reading books, but this forest is not what was mentioned in the old books. He came through a portal and is now here. After meeting and greeting, Calinor finds deep ogre tracks heading towards a cave in the distance. We decide to follow the tracks to the cave.
There are urns and pots with old rusted swords and other items. Among the items were a +2 short sword of the Falcon, a +1 glowing long sword, a +1 gleaming Lucerne hammer, and a +1 smoldering lance of Heroes. After leaving the cave, we find ourselves walking through a marsh with a large shadow in the distance amongst trees, covered in mist. Ahead is a gigantic tree sunken in the marsh. Zen notices it as the Great Tree; long ago it was used to sacrifice good things for the dark gods. The Great Tree is made out of darkwood. As the party approaches, we notice a massive opening in the tree leading down into it. Moonlight becomes extremely distraught while Calinor scouts ahead. Calinor returns and reports that the path continues deep under the earth. The party decides to continue on while Calinor regretfully leaves behind Moonlight. After giving Zen 100 gold, Zen casts magic circle around Moonlight in attempts to keep all creatures below level 9 out.
The darkness is all consuming and the party can make out a low, moaning rumble every now and again. Twisted columns of rotting wood lie ahead, creating a maze like pathway. The ground is mushy and wet, with unseen things swimming below the surface. The area seems to resemble a great hall and the ground eventually gives way to more solid ground. The party continues forward and finds a cauldron full of humanoid children. Taking in the vile filth, the party continues on and finds some runes on the wall. The runes read, “For his glory” above an archway. A reeking chamber ahead with bones scattered about emits the same low, rumbling moan we heard before. Thorgar’s sword was illuminated and we hear a scuffling sound move toward Thorgar’s sword. Initiative.
We slay the beast, and afterward the ground starts to open up and a huge beast pops out and lands around 50 feet from us. We see a tall, humanoid figure with a black staff emerge and we engage in conversation. We perceive this to be the dark druid we were seeking. We find out that his name is Fen, when questioned on “worshiping” the black dragon, he laughs and says, “Worship? I worship no one”. We asked him about J.R. and he said we would not be finding Jonathan any time soon. He informs us we know not of what group we follow. We confronted him about his knowledge of us, and he said he obtained this information from “someone far greater”. He claims the forest is his and will soon be that of the dragon’s. He says he hates all elves, Zen starts a spell. Initiative.
After a long and gruesome battle, we finally defeated Fen and his conjured flesh golem. Prior to Fen dying he screamed out in a hideous shriek, “You won’t know anything now!” Had it not been for our newly found companion, Zen, we all would have suffered the same fate as Jinx. After the battle, Zen casts a spell on the staff of Fen that conjured three spirits that we can ask a question. The first question we asked was, “Who created thee?” An image of a dragon in a watery cavern appeared and then vanished. Our second question was to show an image of Jonathan where he was last. A blank image appeared, and we assume this staff has not seen J.R. Our last question was, “Prior to seeing us, what was the last humanoid you interacted with?” An image appeared of a figure enshrouded in black shroud with a blade, and appeared to be an assassin.
We find a hidden stairway behind where Fel appeared and Zen informed us of this in a very loud manner. Upon going downstairs, we find an old study with an unopened parchment. The parchment read, “They’re coming, we hope you are going to accept the offer you’ve been given.” The letter was sealed in an unmarked drop of wax. After Wilfred’s uncanny perception we found a secret door that was trapped. A dart pierced Wilfred in the leg and Thorgar ripped the dart out instantly. The dart appears to be a poison that will take effect shortly. When the poison took effect, Wilfred experienced excruciating pain and we learned the poison lasts for approximately one hour. Thorgar holds up a shield and opens the door with no incident and found what appears to be the lab of Fel. There are jars of organs and one jar has a baby’s head. They seem to be ingredients for whatever Fel was trying to make.
Calinor, Thorgar and Luna leave the tree and attempt to find Moonlight. The spell was broken and humanoid tracks plus Moonlight’s tracks left the area. The party decides to follow the tracks and come across a strange scene where the darkness overtakes the land. We find two bodies on the ground that resembled the assassin we saw in the vision. One assassin had his arms ripped off and the other assassin was torn in half. Zen continues to talk in his loud innocent voice while the party tries to hush him. We find two daggers after Zen used his magic to overturn the bodies. Zen finds out magic is what killed these two assassins. Calinor sees tracks leaving the scene of the carnage: humanoid tracks that mysteriously vanished, but not similar to the ones we found previously (at the unicorn bones) and hoof tracks of Moonlight.
We continue to follow Moonlight’s tracks and find a series of barrow mounds with Moonlight resting atop one of the barrows. Calinor is overcome with joy while reuniting with his long lost friend. Thorgar tried to pet Moonlight, but Moonlight is still wary of his new found companions.
Thought for the party: These humanoid tracks that killed the unicorns mysteriously vanished in the same manner the magic users vanished after killing the assassins. The tracks do not resemble each other. One of the tracks were killing unicorns, the other tracks were killing assassins that last spoke with a dark druid. These assassins are clearly evil, but were killed by these unknown magic users. Could these be potential allies, or someone working towards our same goal? One set of tracks is killing an animal that represents good and innocence, the other set of tracks is killing assassins associated with the black dragon

Adventures in Silverwind
Thieves, Brawls and Naughty Priestesses

The session started off with Thorgar arguing with the mayor of Greyloch about how to handle the Port Vladovar situation. The mayor is convinced that Vladovar will not attack again, and does not seem concerned at all about anything besides returning to feasting and drinking. Thorgar leaves to find the others.

Meanwhile, Wilfred attempts to convince “Captain” Brian to take us to Silverwind. He succeeds, promising him success as great as Galt’s…

Calinor shows up in town after a long journey from the Lonelywood. Thorgar approaches him, asking for his help because he looks useful in combat. Luna, Jinx and Wilfred join, we all introduce ourselves, and Calinor agrees to help us. Jinx and Calinor agree to put their racial differences aside… for now…

The party heads back to the mayor’s house. He says he is going to send a letter via bird to Silverwind, and we decide that we should take a copy just in case, because we need to head there anyway. Everyone stays at the mayor’s house, feasting and getting pretty hammered. Bjorn even joins in on the drinking. The mayor promises to send a letter about the town’s status to meet us in Silverwind so that we know everything is ok. We say our goodbyes in the morning, and we are off!

After an uneventful ship ride, we arrive at Silverwind, where guards greet us and give us paperwork to fill out. Silverwind is quite the beautiful sight! We also notice that the guards here are very well armed. There are shops everywhere selling practically everything an adventurer could desire.

The party splits up and wanders the town. Wilfred sells his beholder eyes for a bunch of money to an alchemist, and buys an enchanted cloak. Jinx tries to find thieves picks, and finds out about the thieves guild, the Brotherhood of Twilight.

The rest of the night unfolds as such:

As Jinx is roaming the streets at night, a thief attempts to grab his money pouch. He catches him and convinces the thief to give him information regarding the Brotherhood. The man agrees to meet him at the Adventurer’s Inn. He meets the thief, and gets assigned a mission to steal a prized ruby from a wealthy man’s mansion. If he succeeds, he will be accepted into the guild. He leaps over the fence to the mansion, and sneaks up to the window. He throws a grappling hook up to the balcony and climbs up like a ninja, pulls the rope up and hides. He cracks a door open, seeing a man and a woman sleeping in the room and a glass case with the ruby in it. He finds the key to the case on a necklace on the sleeping man’s chest. He attempts to steal it but the man wakes up. Luckily he doesn’t see Jinx and falls back asleep. He waits for a bit until the man is sound asleep and tries again, succeeding and getting the case open. He grabs the ruby and sneaks out, closing the door silently behind him, sliding down the grappling hook rope, and leaping right back over the gate. He brings it to the thieves guild and they are pleasantly surprised at how fast he got the job done. They bring him to meet the leader, Lucian, who seems very impressed. He gets gold and a cloak and is welcomed to the Brotherhood of Twilight.

Meanwhile, Luna finds a wonderful wine shop, and gets some fine wine to bring back to the mayor of Greyloch. She leaves and finds the letter from the mayor stating that everything is good in Greyloch. Luna brings a captain’s outfit for Brian, and he pretty much jizzes in his pants over it. She goes to the temple and the priestesses get naked and teach her rituals. Luna ends up sleeping at the temple with the priestesses. We don’t ask questions about what happened that night…

Thorgar goes to the arena and signs up for a battle the next day. He then wanders over to the Pegasus Inn and gets a drink of fine elven wine.

Calinor ventures out to buy arrows. He meets Thorgar at the Pegasus Inn and they share some wine and conversation.

Thorgar and Calinor leave eventually to find the others. They meet up with Wilfred, and soon after they are approached by guards telling them that Bjorn is not allowed in the city. Wilfred dismisses him and the guards walk away confused. The three go to the Adventure’s Inn. Thorgar immediately buys a bunch of northern dark. They get some drinks and sit down at a table, and join in on a dice game. After an intense round of gambling, Thorgar wins 1200 gold.

They can’t get a room here because it is booked, so they head to the Dragon’s Ire, which is packed and very rowdy, filled primarily with dwarves and half-orcs. Many of them talk shit to the party as they enter, especially to Calinor, calling him a pussy elf and threating to rape him. They play a drinking game, Calinor owns his shot like a champ, and so does Wilfred. Thorgar can’t handle his, and gets jumped by two belligerent dwarves. The entire bar instantly erupts into a fight. Calinor kicks ass, jumping off of a dwarf, flipping over a table, grabbing a mug and smashing an opponent in the back of the head with it. Wilfred gets knocked out almost immediately. Thorgar holds his own but doesn’t do anything too impressive. The fight gets broken up by the angry owner, and they leave and go back to the Pegasus Inn, with Thorgar carrying an unconscious Wilfred. They get a room and a couple of beautiful elven escorts and have an epic night… at an epic price.

In the morning, Thorgar goes to the arena and wins two back-to-back fights. Afterwards, they go to speak with the nobleman in charge of trades and make sure that Port Vladovar will pay a hefty price if they attack Greyloch again, giving us slight comfort. Luna goes to the library and finds info about a secretive group called The Covenant – a society formed by the Silverwind government. We suspect they may have played a part in the experiments on the Black Isle.

A bit fed up with the city life, Wilfred leaves to clear his head in the woods outside the city limits. Thorgar and Calinor meet Luna at the library. They continue looking for info on the Covenant and Jonathon Rize but to no avail.

Wilfred finds an old man in the woods and they walk through a peaceful meadow together. They show each other their staffs… and then they touch staffs. It turns out that the old man is also a druid. The man states that he wants to travel north to a forest by the Winter Wall, because it has caught his interest. He says he is sad because the forest there has no name. He then says that he can tell that Wilfred is carrying a dark secret. Wilfred tells the druid of the happenings in the Black Isle. They have a very sad and angry moment reflecting upon the corruption in the woods on the Black Isle. The druid turns into a giant thirty foot long wolf, grabs Wilfred in his mouth and starts sprinting away with him.

Meanwhile, Jinx meets up with Thorgar, Luna and Calinor. They tell Jinx about their findings on the Covenant and that they should try to find out more about them. Jinx says he will try to find more info, but doesn’t let us know about his exploits with the Brotherhood. Jinx leaves and says that he will return in about a week. Jinx heads to talk with the Brotherhood about the Covenant. After a bit of a heated discussion, Lucian tells Jinx that he should not speak about the Covenant but he will attempt to get a meeting with them. He promises Jinx to look into setting up a meeting, but for a large sum of money.

Wilfred gets brought to a grove of trees and dropped down, and the druid returns to human form. He says that this place is sacred. He reveals that he is an elder druid (obvious at this point…) and says that he can give Wilfred the power to become one with Bjorn so that he can shapeshift into the form of a bear and assimilate Bjorn’s powers. They both cut their arms open and perform a blood-mixing ritual. Wilfred tests his power and becomes a bear for the first time.

Jinx relays to the others that he might be able to get a meeting with the Covenant, and then heads back to the guild to ask about places of interest to rob for money. They say that everyone in the Brotherhood is required to lay low for now because of the ruby being stolen. Lucian tells Jinx that we need 10000 gold to meet with the Covenant.

Luna sends a letter to Greyloch saying that everything is going well and that we will return when possible. Knowing they need a large sum of money to meet the Covenant, Thorgar and Calinor go to the Adventurer’s Inn to gamble. Thorgar wins over 1000 from the wealthy man from the night before, but then immediately bets and loses it all like a fool.

Jinx goes to Lucius to tell him about the far realm book in hopes to decrease the price for meeting the Covenant. Lucius gets pissed and says to drop it and focus on getting the money. Luna goes back to the temple to sleep, while Calinor and Thorgar sleep on the boat because they are broke due to gambling.

Thorgar goes back to the arena in the morning and is set up against an ogre. He destroys the ogre, without taking a single blow. He agrees to fight again the next day, and convinces them to allow Calinor in with him for a two-on-two duel. The next day at the arena, they fight a mage and a knight. They prevail, but Calinor nearly dies. On the way out, Thorgar is approached by members of the Brotherhood and is basically forced by threats into signing up for another fight tomorrow, but he is told that he is guaranteed to win.

Thorgar goes on to fight a vicious hunter the next day, with a bet of 5000 gold pieces and his life riding on this battle. The Brotherhood poisons the opponent before the fight, and Jinx gives Thorgar’s blade poison as well, but Thorgar still almost dies. After a rather brutal fight, he finally kills his opponent. With finally enough money to give to the Brotherhood, they hand the gold over to Jinx to set up the meeting.

Jinx brings the money to Lucian, who arranges the meeting as promised. That night, they all head out to an abandoned tower a ways outside of the city. Wilfred, still in bear form, charges from the woods towards the party. He leaps into the air, shifting back to his dwarven form as he falls back to the ground. They are all startled and surprised, but don’t really have the time to talk about what happened while Wilfred was gone.

We get to the tower, where a figure awaits us at a table in the darkness, wearing a mask. We give him the far realm book, the vile we found on the island, and tell him everything about what we saw at the Black Isle. We ask him about Jonathon Rize, and he gets up and begins pacing, telling us the story of J.R.:

Jonathon came to the Covenant for help after escaping the Black Isle… but then he fled, because “things” were after him, and the Covenant are still looking for him. He is in hiding and the Covenant wants him found. They think he may have been abducted by agents of Adregorous, a black dragon. He has information that both the dragon and the Covenant want. The Covenant promises to reward us for finding him, as well as help us with any other aspects of our journey if we succeed. He says that he believes J.R. is hiding in the Shadow Weald. He also states that there is word of a dark druid that arrived in the Weald, perhaps another agent of Adregorous. We agree to search for Jonathon, and then the man vanishes, leaving us alone there.

We head back to the town, and Jinx tries to get info about the Shadow Weald but no one in the guild knows anything helpful.

Luna goes to the temple to sleep with the priestesses, and has a heavenly slumber after a long night of “praying”.

Meanwhile, Calinor, Thorgar and Wilfred head to the Dragon’s Ire. They receive a lot of shit talking again, have a drink-off, and Calinor passes out. A half-orc gets on top of Calinor and threatens to rape him. Thorgar kicks the half-orc off, and we almost get in a fight again. Wilfred scares them by grabbing a dwarf by the throat and morphing partially into bear form, and they start accusing us of sorcery. We leave before another fight breaks out and head to the Adventurer’s Inn, where we receive a much warmer welcome. We attempt to get a room, but they are booked once again. Wilfred tells the innkeeper who Thorgar is, and he apologizes and takes a room key from another customer and gives it to the party. They put a passed out Calinor in the room and party for the rest of the night.

Jinx meanwhile goes around town, pickpocketing people.

In the morning, Jinx is approached by a guild member and warned that we are being watched, and from the sound of it they may be assassins.

Finally having a solid lead on how to continue with our journey, we head out to the Shadow Weald! On the second day, we find a majestic meadow. Here we find a pond, where a beautiful unicorn awaits. We stare in awe for a moment, but Jinx is not impressed. Wilfred approaches and befriends it, and the unicorn nudges him a bit, and then begins pushing him into the pond. Trusting that the unicorn is trying to tell him something, he swims around for a while, and finds a chest. The unicorn leaves and we break the box open, where there is another smaller box inside made of adamantine. We break it open and find a small journal.

The journal was written by Jonathon Rize, and is dated 5 years ago. He states in the journal that he is leaving it here in hopes that it will be safe until someone of good intentions finds it. He writes that he fled Silverwind to escape the Covenant, knowing that they want to use his knowledge for ill purpose. He also writes that lately there have been other things looking for him and he is afraid they are going to attack him. He warns that if anyone finds this then they must not trust the Covenant and allow the knowledge to fall into their hands.

We are approached by a satyr, who talks to Wilfred and warns that someone is coming and that we need to leave immediately, and says that Antaniclass (the elder druid that Wilfred met) sent the unicorn to us.

We move on towards the Shadow Weald. Very little occurs during the next few days and finally we reach the forest. As we enter, Wilfred and Calinor feel a darkness and sadness amongst the trees. From what the party knows about the Shadow Weald, there are supposedly tears in the fabric of the material realm to the shadow realm, and that undead creatures and other horrors tend to lurk here.

We stop after a while when Wilfred is overcome with a feeling of great dread. We start to hear a voice echoing through the woods, threatening us and telling us to meet him in the heart of the woods. His last words are “Kill them my minions!” Initiative We get attacked by two giant, wicked trees and after a bit of a scuffle end up destroying them.

And here the party awaits, until next time…

Black Isle
Lurkers everywhere

We proceed through the tunnel and spot several human skeletons. We head down a stairway with several spiderwebs. Luna takes out a torch to burn away the webs and the process were confronted with several spiders. We slay all the spiders. We find out the “Lurkers” are rare creatures called Tide Rippers from one bodies encased in spider webs. We also find a male bracelet with the initials J.R. under the table with a triangle symbol with three . We also find an abandoned alchemy lap with old supplies. Jinx finds a small chest in the back of the tunnel.Luna finds 4 crystals and a design of symbols. We decide to sleep in the cave near the entrance.

We sleep through the night with no encounters but Jinx hears some unsettling noises for the haunted forest. We head to the forest in the morning. We find out that the forest is very old and while we proceed through it the light begins to be blacked out unnaturally. Jinx’s chest begins to shake while proceeding through. We decide to leave after finding this out. We decide to break open the chest and find two books. One book written in common and one in the far realms. The book in common talks about a man running from the lurkers and the beast in the sea and that they were heading to the haunted forest. The far realm contains infinite layers and ruled by unfathomable lords. If we try to read this book it might drive us crazy. We find out the far realms book is bound in leather from the skin of an Arch Angel.

We continue to explore the shore around the isle. We approach an abandoned settlement. We find a medallion with the same symbol on the bracelet. We find a house filled with about 12 dead bodies with bullet holes. They look like they have been dead for about 50 years. We explore around the rest of the shore and come back the cave entrance that we were before. We find 20 or so 10 foot wide holes that we cannot see the bottom and hear wailing and roars. Unease be these holes we proceed to the forest.

Entering the forest we are quickly surrounded by dark shadows with green eyes that communicate through negative thoughts. We ignore the creatures since they do not seem threatening. We spot and opening in the dense forest and see waterfall and a small hut next it. We explore the hut finding a journal of one of the last researchers on the isle. It is stated that he is fleeing the Isle and tell of great horrors from the the giant holes that we came across and that the forest the causing dementia. Leaving the hut we are confronted with all of the dark spirits. WE SLAY THEM ALL!!! Our celebration in victory is cut short as we hear something large heading to us at a fast rate. We head to behind the waterfall where we find a small cave. The large created which is a dark-wood Ent tries to go after us but we are protected by the cave. We find a magical Greataxe in the cave. We decide to sleep in the cave and hope that the Ent leaves. We awaken in the morning and are glad not to see the Ent.

We head to the ship to find Gault waiting for us. We take off and head inland. As soon as we are leaving we encounter 3 beholders. We slay them after long battle of the ages and return to town. Gault doesn’t take our gold for taking us to the isle. We tell what happened to us to the Mayor Garland and convince the Mayor to write a note to Port Vlad to pay its debt for the pearls to help secure its town. We head to the port in the morning.

On our Journey we find and abandoned town that is swarming with undead. We run from the town and find a ranger named Hawk. He informs us on many towns and what happened to Mayor Garland and his sad story. After our 10 day journey we arrive at Port Vlad. We have a meeting with the Mayor of Port Vlad in the Black Beetle Inn. The Mayor gives us 1000 gold for the debt and wont pay anymore and leaves upset when we didn’t agree with the amount. We feel uneasy about what happened with the mayor and want to leave soon to Greylock and give the 1000 gold the people of the city. We try to find a boat that will take us soon. There is one fishing boat with nobody in it. We head to the inn to find the captain of the fishing boat. After a while we hear a gunshot and find the captain for the fishing boat dead. Shortly after we spot town guards man taking the crates of pearls from the fishermans ship. We now know that we are in danger and so the the town of Greyloch

We convince a young sailor from the inn to take the abandoned fishing boat back the Greyloch so we can give the 1000 gold the people Greyloch. When arrive at Greyloch we notice a large Galleon ship from Port Vlad heading our way. We believe that Port Vlad is now attempting to take over the city. We try to evacuate the city as best we can. The Captain of the ship from Port Vlad wants to meet with the Mayor. He declares that they are taking over the city and it now property of Port Vlad. After several insults from the Captain the Mayor enrages and slays one of his guards with a single dagger thrown at his neck. Battle ensues and we slay the captain. The guards lay down there weapons. Jinx decapitates that captain. The Mayor takes the head of the Captain out to his guards and tells them to take the head back the port vlad and not to fuck with Greylock.

Notes January 26

We started in a town called Graylock. It’s by the sea and it sinks slowly everyday. A big portion of the town is now submerged and It;s estimated that in 50 years it will become completely sunken. Most people left the town, there are now only about 100 left, mostly old fishermen and pearl divers.
We heard that the town needs help and are willing to pay. We all meet up in an old inn called “The Pearl” where we hear that every few days creatures called “lurkers” are kidnapping someone at night.
We meet up with a fisherman named Galt who we’ve been told has more information and can help us. He tells us that lurkers are known to come from the Black Isle which is about a day away from Graylock and that he is willing to take us there for 100 gold. We tried to negotiate the price, but he increased the fee to 150 gold, and then to 200. We refuse the offer.
We did more research on lurkers and the Black Isle and found out that years ago Middenheim sent a team of alchemists to perform altering experiments and something went terribly wrong. We found a passage in a book describing people who drank some of the potions becoming disfigured, and their eyes becoming catlike and yellow. Middenheim abandoned the mission and left the alchemists on the island. We also found a book about a horrible sea creature living in the ocean by the isle, described as “tall, with claws and a gruesome mouth”.
We decided to keep watch at night time by the sea shore. A few hours into the night 3 lurkers emerged from the ocean and tried to break into someone’s home. We slaughtered them and threw their bodies in the ocean. They had black blood, were cold, had leathery skin, huge eyes, and hands with 5 clawed fingers and webbed feet.
The next day nobody believed we killed 3 lurkers. We tried to talking to Galt again about taking us to the black Isle but he said the price is now 400 gold. Jinx got into an argument with him and threw daggers at him.
We met with the mayor of the town who we hear was a glutton and a drunkard who doesn’t do anything to help his people. He told us the only person in town who can take us to the Black Isle was Galt. From him we found out Galt is a very skilled seaman who supplies fish and seafood for free for the town’s people. He used to get paid for it in the past, but now the town is in a bad situation. Also we found out that Galt’s wife and child were kidnapped by the lurkers.
One of the mayor’s guards, named Jacobs offered to lend us his small boat that we would take to the Black Isle. We offered him 10 gold, which he used to move abroad with his family.
We took the boat for repairs to an old retired shipwright who promised to fix it in 2 days. He was constantly drinking and only managed to repair about 80% of the boat in 4 days.
In the meantime, Thorgar became friends with the mayor and they had drinks and feasted together. The mayor even showed Thorgar “his secrets” which he kept under his feather bed – 2 adamantine daggers. Thorgar and the mayor fell asleep together after a long night of drinking and eating.
We also wanted to buy some pearls off the pearl divers but they refuse to sell to us, saying that they sell their pearls to Port Vladovar for 10 gold a pearl, and that they haven’t gotten paid in 4 years but “soon” they will get all the money. We found out that a ship comes every 3 months and collects the pearls and we decided we’d take the ship and sail to Vladovar as soon as it comes.
We decided to abandoned this town because we were frustrated with the town’s people refusing to aid us into helping them, but the mayor managed to make an agreement with Galt to take us to the Black Isle but didn’t tell us what their terms were.
We left for the Black Isle at night and almost got attacked by a gigantic sea monster but we avoided it. Luna got thrown off the ship 3 times but was saved by her allies each time.
Galt told us that he;d wait for us 24 hours and then leave without us if we’re not back by that time but we convinced him to stay agreeing we’d pay him 5 gold for each extra hour.
We went into the forest on the Black Isle and were overtaken by a very strong fear and heard whispers “Kill them” etc. We decided not to go any further and went to investigate a rock formation on the shore. There was an ancient dwarven inscription on a rock saying “This is hell” and then another one saying “Gods help us”. We also found some chiseled stairs leading into a tunnel. We went down and found an old room with broken shelves and chairs and old alchemy books and a dairy saying “We found the holes in the ground, there are so many of them….” . Then, we slaughtered 6 more of the lurkers.


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