Sorrowsworn Saga

To Shadowmire the Black Dragon

Black Dragon


To Shadowmire:
After defeating the giant bristle spider that was the cause of the corruption of the Northern Shadow Weald, we leave the corrupted soil of the shadow weald and find Moonlight waiting for us. We follow our tracks back but we come across an abandoned excavation site with mine carts and blood thrown about the area. While we are discussing the matter we are approached by the same dryad that we encounter before. He confirms that we have cleans the forest and there is nothing left for us to do here and that excavation site was due to undead killing off elven workers that dug too deep. We decide to head back to Silverwind to find out more about the Covenant after our finding about JR, Adragoras, and Shadowmire the black dragon. We make camp and during the night we are surprised by a dark figure in menacing robes which turns out to be a massager from Shadowmire the Black Dragon. He states that his greatness demands your presence at once and it would be foolish to deny is his request. We decide to heed this beacon call knowing we are at his mercy. After the long night we head off to the Carinwater Cavern were he resides. Rajyrik is overwhelmed with fear about have to go see Shadowmire which haunted his soul back in the bristle spider lair.
During our travels we get ambushed by 5 imperial assassins that look like shadows that were hired by someone we do not know. They warn us that our death imminent. After a lengthy battle we finally able to kill them off one by one to their surprise. They are unwilling to say who hired them as we kill the final one. We continue our journey to Carinwater Cavern by stopping in Barstov Landing. Four heavy armored guards that ask us what our business is before they let us in. We let them know that we are traveling through from Silverwind and they let us in without any problems. We sell all of our extra weapons and armor at the local armory for a good amount of gold that is split up between Luna and Wilfred. Calinor buys 40 dragon arrows of +5 damage sell an expensive bow worth a lot more than the arrows and some gold from Rajyrik. After selling our loot we head to the Claymore Inn and we meet Hawk the ranger that we meet before along the coast of the Twilight Bay. Rajyrik sings a wondrous song of our adventures to Hawk to tell him of our great adventures to help him ease up to our party. After several attempts to get Hawk to tell us of travels he insists not telling us anything. He leaves the inn and Calinor runs after him to befriend him. He shows him his unicorn to show to impress Hawk but he remain consistent with his silence. He states to Calinor that he would be able to tell him more if he was a member of the ranger’s guild. He mentions that the guild is organized at the Outpost if he wants to enlist. We notice that our Paladin friend that we meet in the Northern Shadow Weald has abandoned us and is nowhere to be found.
Back in the Claymore Inn Rajyrik tries to sweet talk the lovely barkeeper but his word falls flat and she get terribly offended by him. Wilfred summons Rajyrik to sit down and drink some Fine Dwarven Ale !! The party starts in indulge themselves and starts drinking several Dwarven Ales! Luna drinks some fine wine in the corner. We all start to get quite drunk except for Wilfred who has only just began. During this drunkenness a tipsy Calinor challenges Wilfred to drinking contest. Which he will soon regret since Wilfred is a veteran Dwarven drinker. The bet is whoever can drink the most without passing out wins. If you lose the bet you have to do something embarrassing. We decide that if Calinor loses he has to run around town in women’s clothing and if Wilfred loses he will have to dress up as the town fool. Calinor loses the drinking game quickly after only a few rounds. He passes out almost immediately after starting the drinking game. Wilfred picks up passes out Calinor and has the whole the inn slap Calinor’s ass and brings him to his room to pass out. Right before Wilfred passes out he feels something goes up his leg. Wilfred wakes up in the morning and feels something weird between his legs. Wilfred takes off his pants and finds a Gecko attached to his balls. After some time he is able to convince the gecko to let go and Wilfred put him into his arm pit for safe keeping. In the morning Rajyrik is able to get some women’s clothing from Lucy the bar maid from last night. We are able the make Calinor look like a fine women and have him walk around town. He is harassed by several men that slap his ass and taunt him. The whole town is laughing at this comical event. Calinor takes offence and challenges several of the men to fight outside of town. He tries to stealth and fails his attempt. He falls on the ground getting more people to laugh at him. Calinor runs back to the inn in embarrassed. While in the inn he is offered a great job opportunity by a finely dress man that sees Calinor true talent. Calinor threatens the man and we proceed out of town after he dresses back into his adventure gear.
The mood changed quickly after our drunken night knowing that we might be our end with our meeting with Shadowmire. We head down along the river to the Carinwater Cavern. We find a place to cross the river which looks like a sinking hole, which if we were to fall into would be our certain death. We are all able to jump cross the sink hole without any problems. As soon as we all are across the river we spot drow male with assassin like clothing. The party is threatened by him but he offers to join our party for coin and is willing to venture with us even though we are on our way to see a powerful black dragon. His name Vile and we welcome him. Soon after meeting Vile we see the messenger from Shadowmire again. He beacons us to follow him to the lair of Shadowmire. As soon as we start following him the area around us turns dark and the weather starts to storm. He leads us back to sink hole, he waves his staff and turns the sink hole into the passage that lead far down to the Carinwater Cavern where Shadowmire resides. The whole party is gripped with fear while we follow this messenger down knowing this might lead us to our death. Rajyrik is terrified and is consumed with visions of Shadowmire from the scrying device. He almost collapses this and is reluctant to proceed and in the meantime Moonlight runs off in terror and possibly never to be seen again. Calinor is greatly sadden by this. The party’s moral is at an all-time low while we head down the passage. We see several skeletons in cages and we fine one man that is still alive and is crying out for help. The messenger laughs at his cry’s and leads us to a giant opening with a large dark black lake. The messenger announces our presence which summons the mighty Shadowmire. The large lake starts to ripple and slowly Shadowmire rises from the lake. He shakes the water from his large wings which produce massive waves. At this point the whole party is trembling in fear and his hard to speak. Shadowmire is an elder black dragon is absolutely gigantic in stature. With a loud overwhelming yell he burst out acid from his mouth that destroys a large area of the rock in front of us. He then states that he is very displeased that we took so long to get to him and for killing the bristle spider minion. We all apologies profusely for making him upset. He then asks us why we were tracking J.R. . We tell him the story of the corrupted island and how we tracked him to the Northern Shadow Weald. Shadowmire starts laughing while Wilfred is explaining this. He then points to cage that is raised high above the chasm. He slowly lowers the cage which is a mutilated body of J.R. and laughs even loader.
Shadowmire begins to explain that he tortured J.R. to death to get all of the information that he acquired from the corrupted island that we were at long ago. During this torture J.R. explained to Shadowmire that he believes the island has several rifts to the far realm. That he concocted an alchemical potion on the island and decided to drink which almost made him insane. The potion was able for J.R. to communicate with the demi gods of the far realm. He found out that “The Dark One” slayed the greatest arch angle on Mount Celestia and he is able to convince the others that he was the arch angel that he slain. After doing so he then created the Black Flame Pillar, which is a vortex that channels all souls to head to the far realm where they are eternally tortured. For the past 100 years all souls have gone to the far realm and not have gone there proper afterlife. Shadowmire commands of us to retrieve the artifact the “Skull of Aiden” which was from greatest arch mage that ever lived. This artifact in the Coldfire pass now call Frostfire chasm. He needs this artifact to protect his soul from death to turn himself into a Dracolich and be able to put his soul into a phylactery and avoid his soul from heading to the far realm and granting him immortality. After retrieving this artifact he will then let us know where six other artifacts lie to help destroy this Black Flame Pillar. He then lets us go to do his bidding.
The party is greatly trouble about their findings from Shadowmire. We start to plan to how we are going to get to Frostfire Chasm which is very far north beyond the great wall. Calinor really want to go the Outpost which is about a couple weeks south of us, where he can apply to become a member of the Rangers guild. We decide that going to the Outpost is in the party’s interest to see if they have some advice on how to get to Frostfire Chasm. After a couple of weeks of traveling we reach the Outpost without any trouble. Calinor is excited to finally become part of the Rangers guild. He requests to see the head of the Rangers guild whose name is Laurien to initiate into the guild. Laurien first request Calinor to test his bow skills. Calinor passes the test without any problems. Calinor is granted an initiate membership to the Rangers guild and at this point Laurien request Calinor to tell him of his achievement and findings from adventuring. The first thing Calinor brings up is that he meet an elder black dragon about a couple of weeks ago in the Carinwater Cavern. Laurien is quickly offended by this thinking that Calinor is telling a tall tale. Calinor begins to get flustered. Laurien again asks if he had any information for him, Calinor blurts out about J.R. and the corrupted Island. At this point Laurien has had enough and dismisses Calinor and that he should go to his post with the other rangers and to meet him in the morning with some actual information. Calinor think that he blew his chance of being a member and request to see Laurien again after he has cleared his head. His request was rejected. Calinor tells the party of what happened and Wilfred takes upon himself to talk to Laurien in private to recommend Calinor. The guild leader accepts to listen to what Wilfred has to say. Wilfred explains that he is an Elder Druid and that he has been adventuring with Calinor for quite some time. Laurien doesn’t believe that Wilfred is and Elder Druid, Wilfred then turns into his bear form to prove his Druid status. Laurien is quite impressed by this and offers Wilfred membership into the guild in which he accepts. Wilfred continues to explain that Calinor is a fine ranger that has done many great deeds and has even befriended a unicorn. Laurien accepts the recommendation and walks to meet Calinor with Wilfred. He warns Calinor never to speak of false information to Rangers guild. After some time we talk to many rangers about certain locations and what the best way to get to Frostfire Chasm. They help us map a good route to this location and give us good information about the dangers they we might come across. We then start to buy supplies and upgrade our gear before our long journey from the outpost to Frostfire. During the night Wilfred find a mouse in his boot that want to be his friend. Wilfred gives him some crumbs from his beard and takes in the lovely creature. We head out in the morning towards Windsong.
We arrive in Windsong which is a quaint, peaceful little town. There are a few shops, a temple of Bahamut and a lovely little inn. Wilfred goes by the orchard by a pond to enjoy some quiet time. There is only one fish in the pond. A little frog jumps on Wilfred and takes residence on his chest and licks the salt on his tit. He is very pleased with all these little creatures coming by him and he is finding names for all of them: he names the mouse Vincent, the frog- Shamus and the gecko-Gregory. Afterwards, he decides to go to the inn, which is called “The Humble Hedgehog” and Calinor joins him. The innkeeper is very humble and very hospitable. Calinor brought a rabbit that he hunted and asked the innkeeper to cook it. Calinor is upset and surprised that Wilfred won’t eat meat, but seems to understand that a druid will not take the life of living creatures to sustain his own. They eat dinner together and enjoy some drinks and praise the beautiful orchard, the pond and the fish, whom Wilfred describes as “spectacular” and “so big, it could probably slay a human” which brings pure bliss to the innkeeper. Wilfred feeds the mouse crumbs and gives water to the gecko. Seeing all of Wilfred’s animal companions saddens Calinor very much so he goes to his room. Wilfred decides to find a way to cheer him up. He talks to the innkeeper (James) and hires through him a flute musician to play a song about unicorns to Calinor in order to make him forget about his loss. The musician arrives to Calinor’s room and plays a mournful song called “The lost Unicorn”. The lyrics go somewhat like : “My poor lost unicorn/never coming back again/I miss him so much/ etc” . The song maddens Calinor and he throws the poor bard out of the inn and breaks his flute over the head of the old man. James the innkeeper cries behind the counter and Wilfred is in shock too. Calinor yells at Wilfred for mocking his sadness and says “I shall snatch that frog from your teat, but I won’t”, and Wilfred plays innocent “It’s a bard specialized in unicorn songs, i only meant to cheer you up”. Calinor storms out of the inn and goes by the pond to clear his thought. The fish is staring at him from the water. The poor old bard is crying in front of the inn, holding his head. Wilfred is doing a healing word on him, curing his head and pays for his broken flute- gives him 20 gold. The bard feels a lot better and thanks him very much. Wilfred is upset by the situation and tells the innkeeper “I tried to do good, I went out of my way to help him and cheer him up, and look what he did”. James is still very shaken up and he tells Wilfred: ‘It was horrifying, I thought he was a demon; we never have had this happen here in this town. Tell him to not come back. He’s not for us". Wilfred asks James: “Am i for us?“, to which James nods and says: “Oh yes”. In the meantime, Luna is is trying to please Bahamuth by doing good deeds around town, giving money to the three beggar of the town, and donating gold to the temple. The priestesses invite her to pray with them and perform rituals and she spends the night there, praying. Rajyrick performs all night at the tavern and earns some money. Vile is trying to find some rumours around town, but is disappointed that the only things he finds out are that fishing is not very bountiful this year and that apples aren’t ripe enough. He then goes to trances on the top of a roof until nightfall, then he goes to steal a few things here and there. He gets a few grams of exquisite dreamleaf, some cold weather gear and some arrows. In the morning, James offers Wilfred some fresh apples from the orchard, they are delicious and are rival to apples of Dardun. Wilfred gives the fish his name, to which the innkeeper has no objection. The party then gathers to start a new journey to the north and enjoying some nice pastries brought by Luna. The session ends with a little bird flying into Wilfred’s beard and making it his home. Wilfred names it “Feather”.



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