Sorrowsworn Saga

Quest: Slay the Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon

We arrive to Middenhiem after our long journey back from the Snowfields with our fallen cleric Luna. We decide to sell Luna gear besides her armor and weapon so that she can have a proper burial. We head the Temple of Bahamut for Luna’s burial. We a greeted by one of the priestess of Bahamut and we inform her of the death of Luna. They take her body and prepare her for the funeral. We are approached by a Paladin of Bahamut after hearing about our fallen companion. She has offered to replace Luna and continue her cause to complete our mission, her name is Israfel. We inform Israfel to meet us at the Purple Orchid Inn to explain our mission. We follow the priestesses to the ceremony which is in the back of the temple. Vile refuses to go to the ceremony. We congregate around Luna to give our respects. Wilfred and Rayjrik give their final respects and are quite sadden for Luna’s soul. We tell Israfel to meet us later after she is done getting her things. Vile heads to the Thieves guild and receives a guest to assassinate Raynold Atkins. Vile is discussing himself as an old man for this job. During the night heads to Raynold’s house and murders him in his sleep next to his wife. He returns back to the Thieves guild to collect his reward. He only gives him half of the reward and promises to give the rest of the reward in a few days. The man was interested in Raynold’s wife for his own. At the Purple Orchid Rayjrik and Wilfred enjoy many alcoholic beverages and dinner. Wilfred challenges one of the townsfolk to a drinking competition which he loses the competition and becomes shitfaced. Israfel comes to the inn to meet us and to discuss in detail our journey. Rayjrik describes to Israfel our finding and why we need to head to Coldfyre Pass but does tell her about black pillar and how it takes everyone souls to the far realm. After our drunken night we are ready for our journey backs to the find the missing children that were taken by the trolls. During our morning breakfast we hear about from the townsfolk how there was a murder and a lady was abducted. We also receive a letter from a man that drops it on accident it states L.M. “It is time” Wilfred is curious about what this could mean. A man in the corner beacons him to closer and he say to talk to the bartender to if he want to know more. The Bartender says that letter means it’s time for Lou Malnati’s Pizza. (Thanks Giam)

After we enjoy our breakfast we decide to go back to the troll cave to find missing children. Since we had to return to Middenhiem early due to Luna’s death it is a very small chance that we will find the children alive but we still need to investigate anyways. The troll cave is about a 4 day journey and we are able to arrive without any problems. We can hear troll sounds coming from the cave and we are unsure if it’s just a couple of trolls or an entrance to a troll kingdom. We don’t waste any time and walk right into the cave which we encounter 5 trolls. We able to slay the trolls without much trouble and Israfel seem to be great addition to our party. We investigate the cave see the all the children have been eaten by trolls and there is nothing to bring back to Middenhiem other than ripped flesh and bones. While we are searching around we do find a +2 radiant longsword which is perfect for Israfel. We do notice that the cave continues and goes deeper down, and we have Vile go scout the area below. He spots a giant Fell troll sleeping which looks like he is guarding the entrance to what looks like a troll kingdom. We decide to leave the cave immediately knowing that the troll would eat us all fairly easily. We start our journey back in which we spot a Frost Giant and some wraiths which we flee from. The next day we are spot some more deadly creatures which we are fortunate to spot them first enabling us to flee successfully.

We arrive to Middenhiem after our treacherous journey back from the troll cave. We are able to claim the reward for the missing children thanks to Israfel being paladin and using her word as proof instead of actual evidence that that children had perished. With the reward money we are able to upgrade some of our gear and Wilfred buys a new Dire Bear pet named Ursoc which should help with our journeys. After staying in town for a couple of days we decide to head south and kill the Iron Dragon to help the people of Middenhiem and to claim the 10,000 gold reward along with a keep to call our own.

We start heading south west toward Vostok Highland to find this Iron dragon that has been ravaging the area. We arrive to Vostok but cannot find the dragon anywhere. We travel for days until we encounter group of centaurs that tell us to leave immediately and to not trespass through their lands. These centaurs speak Sylvan which Wilfred understands, Wilfred explains to them that they are trying to find and slay the Iron Dragon in this area. The centaurs are willing g to help and guide us to where the Iron dragon was last spotted. The centaurs lead us to a giant tower which the Iron dragon is sitting upon. They wish us good luck and leave us there to kill the dragon on our own. Vile tries stealthing to get closer to the tower but is immediately seen. The large dragon swoops down from the tower and the battle begins. The dragon is able to attack us from flight and never lands which makes Wilfred, Ursoc, and Israfel fairly useless. After a very long battle we are able critically injure the dragon. The dragon cowardly flies south away from us. Wilfred has the idea to ask the centaurs if they knew an area where the dragon could go in the area south of us to lick his would. They tell us of a nearby cave where he could be. We go investigate the cave immediately and spot our surprised injured dragon. With a couple of blows we are able to kill the dragon. We cut off his head and head to Middenhiem for our reward. We granted a Kings welcome for our accomplishments from the city of Middenhiem and our names become famous throughout the large city. We claim our gold reward and keep.



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