Sorrowsworn Saga

Notes January 26


We started in a town called Graylock. It’s by the sea and it sinks slowly everyday. A big portion of the town is now submerged and It;s estimated that in 50 years it will become completely sunken. Most people left the town, there are now only about 100 left, mostly old fishermen and pearl divers.
We heard that the town needs help and are willing to pay. We all meet up in an old inn called “The Pearl” where we hear that every few days creatures called “lurkers” are kidnapping someone at night.
We meet up with a fisherman named Galt who we’ve been told has more information and can help us. He tells us that lurkers are known to come from the Black Isle which is about a day away from Graylock and that he is willing to take us there for 100 gold. We tried to negotiate the price, but he increased the fee to 150 gold, and then to 200. We refuse the offer.
We did more research on lurkers and the Black Isle and found out that years ago Middenheim sent a team of alchemists to perform altering experiments and something went terribly wrong. We found a passage in a book describing people who drank some of the potions becoming disfigured, and their eyes becoming catlike and yellow. Middenheim abandoned the mission and left the alchemists on the island. We also found a book about a horrible sea creature living in the ocean by the isle, described as “tall, with claws and a gruesome mouth”.
We decided to keep watch at night time by the sea shore. A few hours into the night 3 lurkers emerged from the ocean and tried to break into someone’s home. We slaughtered them and threw their bodies in the ocean. They had black blood, were cold, had leathery skin, huge eyes, and hands with 5 clawed fingers and webbed feet.
The next day nobody believed we killed 3 lurkers. We tried to talking to Galt again about taking us to the black Isle but he said the price is now 400 gold. Jinx got into an argument with him and threw daggers at him.
We met with the mayor of the town who we hear was a glutton and a drunkard who doesn’t do anything to help his people. He told us the only person in town who can take us to the Black Isle was Galt. From him we found out Galt is a very skilled seaman who supplies fish and seafood for free for the town’s people. He used to get paid for it in the past, but now the town is in a bad situation. Also we found out that Galt’s wife and child were kidnapped by the lurkers.
One of the mayor’s guards, named Jacobs offered to lend us his small boat that we would take to the Black Isle. We offered him 10 gold, which he used to move abroad with his family.
We took the boat for repairs to an old retired shipwright who promised to fix it in 2 days. He was constantly drinking and only managed to repair about 80% of the boat in 4 days.
In the meantime, Thorgar became friends with the mayor and they had drinks and feasted together. The mayor even showed Thorgar “his secrets” which he kept under his feather bed – 2 adamantine daggers. Thorgar and the mayor fell asleep together after a long night of drinking and eating.
We also wanted to buy some pearls off the pearl divers but they refuse to sell to us, saying that they sell their pearls to Port Vladovar for 10 gold a pearl, and that they haven’t gotten paid in 4 years but “soon” they will get all the money. We found out that a ship comes every 3 months and collects the pearls and we decided we’d take the ship and sail to Vladovar as soon as it comes.
We decided to abandoned this town because we were frustrated with the town’s people refusing to aid us into helping them, but the mayor managed to make an agreement with Galt to take us to the Black Isle but didn’t tell us what their terms were.
We left for the Black Isle at night and almost got attacked by a gigantic sea monster but we avoided it. Luna got thrown off the ship 3 times but was saved by her allies each time.
Galt told us that he;d wait for us 24 hours and then leave without us if we’re not back by that time but we convinced him to stay agreeing we’d pay him 5 gold for each extra hour.
We went into the forest on the Black Isle and were overtaken by a very strong fear and heard whispers “Kill them” etc. We decided not to go any further and went to investigate a rock formation on the shore. There was an ancient dwarven inscription on a rock saying “This is hell” and then another one saying “Gods help us”. We also found some chiseled stairs leading into a tunnel. We went down and found an old room with broken shelves and chairs and old alchemy books and a dairy saying “We found the holes in the ground, there are so many of them….” . Then, we slaughtered 6 more of the lurkers.



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