Sorrowsworn Saga

In the depths of Northern Shadow Weald

We decide to head deeper into the forest towards the center of the shadow weld and suspect this is the domain of the dark druid. We come to an open area where the trees become sparse. It looks like it was once a beautiful meadow, but now is just consumed in darkness. Wilfred grabs a hand full of soil and feels that the soil has been corrupted by an evil being. Wilfred feels this being at one point in time had good intentions but went astray from that path.
Calinor notices horse tracks, approximately two to three days old, leading towards one of the caves in the meadow. Jinx scouts ahead towards the cave and found two equine skeletons towards the back of the cave. Calinor and Wilfred notice the skeletons were unicorns with both horns shaved off, and were approximately three weeks to a month old. Calinor notices humanoid tracks around the unicorns. Wilfred buries the unicorn bones before we end our time in the cave.
We notice single horse tracks leaving the cave towards a grove near the center of the meadow. The humanoid tracks left the cave but mysteriously vanished. We head towards the grove and enter to find a dark, twilight type area. We see the tracks head towards the center of the grove and we decide to follow them, arriving at a den of some sort with bones strewn about. The bones are from various different forest animals (mainly deer) and humanoids, one seems to be that of a satyr. The same hoof prints from the cave were found near the den. After trying to follow the tracks they became too old and no longer able to be tracked.
We decide to stay in the grove and attempt to wait for this creature to return. We set up an audible trap that consisted of trip wire around our area. The audible trap would set off a log crashing down to alert us of anyone or anything crossing through it. We also set up a trap fashioned from bending a small tree to the ground with a rope that has a loop at the end in hopes we will catch whatever it is we are tracking. While sleeping we hear the trip wire triggered and heard a “snort” while seeing a blue illuminated light vanish behind the trees, then become angry and gallop towards the den. The blue we saw were his eyes. Initiative. Wilfred and Calinor find out that it is a dark unicorn we are fighting. These dark unicorns stand for everything against unicorns and good. Wilfred and Calinor have not seen this unicorn before and have only heard of them in legend.
Despite Calinor constantly missing, we managed to destroy the dusk unicorn. Jinx reached for the horn and lost two permanent constitution points, but he now has the horn. Calinor and Wilfred become enraged at Jinx wanting to keep the horn and confront him about. The party tries to reason with Jinx and tell him to get rid of the horn, and that it’s not worth his life. Jinx attempted to sprint off into the woods, but alas he cannot out run a ranger in the wilderness. Although Wilfred and Calinor tried to give Jinx a chance to surrender the horn, Jinx chose to keep the horn and a battle ensued. Wilfred and Calinor overcame Jinx, took his weapons and tied him up (Wilfred spat on the unconscious body of Jinx). Wilfred then healed Jinx for one last chance at reasoning, but Jinx looked at Wilfred and Calinor with pure hate and spat in Wilfred’s face. Wilfred then head butted Jinx in the face, ending any sort of relationship in the future. Wilfred didn’t want to risk Jinx leaving the forest and reporting to the thieves’ guild (To Wilfred and Calinor’s knowledge “some group”) so he killed Jinx. Luna and Thorgar catch up with Wilfred and Calinor to find the corpse of Jinx at their feet. After explaining the chances given, Thorgar and Luna understand Wilfred and Calinor’s love for the forest and agree that the horn should not leave the forest. The party leaves the grove and buries the dark unicorn horn next to the unicorns we buried previously. The party decides to sleep by an outcrop in the meadow and the night remained uneventful, despite getting mosquito bites around our cocks, not on our cocks just around.
Upon waking, ahead we see a frozen stream despite the hot and humid weather of summer. We remember that rifts into shadow realm put out cold. We turn to see two unicorns drinking from the cold water while they regard us with unease. The unicorns seem to want the company of Calinor, so Calinor goes toward the two. After conversing with the unicorns, one of the unicorns beckons Calinor to mount him and they began speeding off. After riding for thirty minutes or so, the unicorn stops at what appears slightly different than the rest of the shadow weld. Everything is darker and more silent than the rest of the shadow weld. Tiny ponds scatter the landscape choked with dead leaves. After dismounting, the unicorn does not leave Calinor’s side. Calinor suspected the unicorn wanted more and attempted to make the unicorn his companion. Calinor succeeded and now has a unicorn as a companion. Wilfred used his bear senses and was able to track down Calinor and the unicorn. Calinor filled the others in on what happened.
The party decides to move forward with mixed feelings of awe and dread. Despite the creepy ambience of the area, the party can’t help but have a sense of wonder. Calinor notices a creepy, motionless, disfigured humanoid off in the distance and halts the party. The figure appears to be nine feet tall. The party decides to drop down into the ravine, leaving Calinor behind with Moonlight. Thorgar calls out to the humanoid while continuing to slowly approach. The creature is not actually real; it seems to be made of mud. The figure was actually a decoy and now the party is being attacked by (what Calinor perceives) as a very dangerous enemy, known as a deep ogre. They are rarely alone and often use tactics like the decoy tactic used against our party. Another deep ogre comes out of hiding and charges the party. Initiative.
During the fight, a stranger showed up and began to help us. After much needed help from the stranger, we managed to slay the deep ogres. The stranger’s name is Zen and he appears to be some sort of wizard. He came across this forest through curiosity by reading books, but this forest is not what was mentioned in the old books. He came through a portal and is now here. After meeting and greeting, Calinor finds deep ogre tracks heading towards a cave in the distance. We decide to follow the tracks to the cave.
There are urns and pots with old rusted swords and other items. Among the items were a +2 short sword of the Falcon, a +1 glowing long sword, a +1 gleaming Lucerne hammer, and a +1 smoldering lance of Heroes. After leaving the cave, we find ourselves walking through a marsh with a large shadow in the distance amongst trees, covered in mist. Ahead is a gigantic tree sunken in the marsh. Zen notices it as the Great Tree; long ago it was used to sacrifice good things for the dark gods. The Great Tree is made out of darkwood. As the party approaches, we notice a massive opening in the tree leading down into it. Moonlight becomes extremely distraught while Calinor scouts ahead. Calinor returns and reports that the path continues deep under the earth. The party decides to continue on while Calinor regretfully leaves behind Moonlight. After giving Zen 100 gold, Zen casts magic circle around Moonlight in attempts to keep all creatures below level 9 out.
The darkness is all consuming and the party can make out a low, moaning rumble every now and again. Twisted columns of rotting wood lie ahead, creating a maze like pathway. The ground is mushy and wet, with unseen things swimming below the surface. The area seems to resemble a great hall and the ground eventually gives way to more solid ground. The party continues forward and finds a cauldron full of humanoid children. Taking in the vile filth, the party continues on and finds some runes on the wall. The runes read, “For his glory” above an archway. A reeking chamber ahead with bones scattered about emits the same low, rumbling moan we heard before. Thorgar’s sword was illuminated and we hear a scuffling sound move toward Thorgar’s sword. Initiative.
We slay the beast, and afterward the ground starts to open up and a huge beast pops out and lands around 50 feet from us. We see a tall, humanoid figure with a black staff emerge and we engage in conversation. We perceive this to be the dark druid we were seeking. We find out that his name is Fen, when questioned on “worshiping” the black dragon, he laughs and says, “Worship? I worship no one”. We asked him about J.R. and he said we would not be finding Jonathan any time soon. He informs us we know not of what group we follow. We confronted him about his knowledge of us, and he said he obtained this information from “someone far greater”. He claims the forest is his and will soon be that of the dragon’s. He says he hates all elves, Zen starts a spell. Initiative.
After a long and gruesome battle, we finally defeated Fen and his conjured flesh golem. Prior to Fen dying he screamed out in a hideous shriek, “You won’t know anything now!” Had it not been for our newly found companion, Zen, we all would have suffered the same fate as Jinx. After the battle, Zen casts a spell on the staff of Fen that conjured three spirits that we can ask a question. The first question we asked was, “Who created thee?” An image of a dragon in a watery cavern appeared and then vanished. Our second question was to show an image of Jonathan where he was last. A blank image appeared, and we assume this staff has not seen J.R. Our last question was, “Prior to seeing us, what was the last humanoid you interacted with?” An image appeared of a figure enshrouded in black shroud with a blade, and appeared to be an assassin.
We find a hidden stairway behind where Fel appeared and Zen informed us of this in a very loud manner. Upon going downstairs, we find an old study with an unopened parchment. The parchment read, “They’re coming, we hope you are going to accept the offer you’ve been given.” The letter was sealed in an unmarked drop of wax. After Wilfred’s uncanny perception we found a secret door that was trapped. A dart pierced Wilfred in the leg and Thorgar ripped the dart out instantly. The dart appears to be a poison that will take effect shortly. When the poison took effect, Wilfred experienced excruciating pain and we learned the poison lasts for approximately one hour. Thorgar holds up a shield and opens the door with no incident and found what appears to be the lab of Fel. There are jars of organs and one jar has a baby’s head. They seem to be ingredients for whatever Fel was trying to make.
Calinor, Thorgar and Luna leave the tree and attempt to find Moonlight. The spell was broken and humanoid tracks plus Moonlight’s tracks left the area. The party decides to follow the tracks and come across a strange scene where the darkness overtakes the land. We find two bodies on the ground that resembled the assassin we saw in the vision. One assassin had his arms ripped off and the other assassin was torn in half. Zen continues to talk in his loud innocent voice while the party tries to hush him. We find two daggers after Zen used his magic to overturn the bodies. Zen finds out magic is what killed these two assassins. Calinor sees tracks leaving the scene of the carnage: humanoid tracks that mysteriously vanished, but not similar to the ones we found previously (at the unicorn bones) and hoof tracks of Moonlight.
We continue to follow Moonlight’s tracks and find a series of barrow mounds with Moonlight resting atop one of the barrows. Calinor is overcome with joy while reuniting with his long lost friend. Thorgar tried to pet Moonlight, but Moonlight is still wary of his new found companions.
Thought for the party: These humanoid tracks that killed the unicorns mysteriously vanished in the same manner the magic users vanished after killing the assassins. The tracks do not resemble each other. One of the tracks were killing unicorns, the other tracks were killing assassins that last spoke with a dark druid. These assassins are clearly evil, but were killed by these unknown magic users. Could these be potential allies, or someone working towards our same goal? One set of tracks is killing an animal that represents good and innocence, the other set of tracks is killing assassins associated with the black dragon



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