Sorrowsworn Saga

Cleansing the corrupted forest-March 29 notes

Shortly after we woke up in the glade, we met Vis -a goliath knight who hates undead and who’s mission is to eradicate them all. While introducing each other, we heard some strange noises not too far away and when we went to investigate what it is, we discovered a group of kobolds in patch of radishes eating and rolling on the ground. We then remembered that kobolds absolutely adore radishes and will eat them till they get sick and we left them alone.

As Wilfred was telling Vis about our party’s adventures, a voice stated “You seek answers” and a dryad lady emerged from a tree. She told us she needed help cleansing the forest and healing it. She informed that even though we slayed Fen, it is not enough to heal the forest, because he wasn’t the only one responsible for the corruption of the forest. He serves someone with far greater power and that creature must be eradicated. The dryad wasn’t able to give us more information, besides telling us that “dark ones who shadowed us and were here before us”. She said we need to journey to heart of the forest and have to enter underground to get to the creatures that and Fen worships. Because there’s great danger, perhaps even beyond our means, she wouldn’t come with us that far, and only plant a seed with a mental image in Wilfred’s mind of where that is.

We then met Rajyrik, a bard who just woke up in the forest and has no memory of how he got there, but he thinks it’s related to the previous night of partying and drinking. He plays invigorating songs for us and tells us he’d like to accompany us and write songs praising our adventures.

The dryad takes us closer to the heart of the forest. The whole area is dead, with lots of thick cobweb, dark and creepy. We feel a great when we approach the area and a fog is overtaking our mind. There is a thick mist on the ground and cobwebs extend everywhere. There are cocoons here, with body parts of animals and humanoids sticking out here and there. Rajyrik plays moralising and uplifting music for us that seems to help a little but we soon realize that playing music may have been a mistake and that it would alert creatures about our presence. Sure enough, a group of black forest spiders surround us. Wilfred then assumes the form of a giant bear and scares them away.

We continue our journey towards the heart of the forest and see a chasm in the distance, with a purple aurora ascending from it. The spiders increase in number to bolst their courage and are following us. We soon see the edge of the chasm ahead of us and realize the aurora is necrotic in nature and that it would be very damaging for us. Also, the chasm is hundreds of feet deep. But by the time we are there, we are about to get attacked by a horde of spiders so we don’t have many choices. Wilfred quickly ties a few ropes together and attaches them to some metal spikes drilled into the walls of the chasm (it looks like someone else tried to go down there). While Wilfred does that, the spiders are closing in and attacked us. We fought back and killed a few of them and quickly went down the chasm with the rope.

Luna figures that the negative energy in the chasm is very damaging and lethal over time and that we have to complete our mission very quickly. We all make it down but we have to roll endurance., some of us fail our roll and and we lose half of the remaining healing surges.

There are cracks in the ground and purple light comes through them. There are 2 possible directions we can go but we don’t have much time so Luna quickly performs “Hand of fate” and the summoned hand points to the right, so we go in that direction.

We get to a cavern opening. There is a hideous acrid stench and we figure it is acid smell. There is also heat coming from within and a hideous voice, half in our head, half in real life says “who goes here, who enters my cavern?” It echoes in the cavern, “You dare disturb my preparations!!!” and the most gigantic spider we’ve ever seen, about 30 ft in circumference, with massive fangs and acid dripping comes in. It is an extremely rare version of a rare shadow bristle spider, who are guardians or elite servants of great powers. She informs us she is a broodmother and a servant of Adragoras. She is not impressed with the fact that we had slain Fen, considering him weak and she threatens to devour us. She doesn’t feel humiliated by being just a servant, for she “has her own plans” once a new world is being established by Adragoras. ‘

Battling her is difficult, she is poisoning, slowing, dazing and blinding us and we are contemplating to flee as we are missing every hit against her , but the fate turns in our favor, with 2 criticals in a row from Wilfred. Rajyrik plays mocking songs and burns her and heals us everytime we damage her.

After a very long battle, we manage to slay her. In her chambers we find about 100 eggs, which we destroy promptly. Nasty oozes and small embryos of spiders come out from them. There is also a huge dark purple crystal on the ground, surrounded by 8 holes in the ground in a circle, in each hole a pulsing purple glow. We figure it is a crystal scrying device, and that the holes are conduits that go deep in the ground and connect to channels within the forest, and that perhaps the broodmother would sit on top of the crystals, put her 8 legs in the holes and poison the forest this way.

As Rajyrik is staring in the scrying device, a horryfying black dragon face , grinning hideously comes up. He feels an immense fear but can’t look away. Everyone notices that and Wilfred grabs him and stops him from looking. Rajyrik is very disturbed by this and needs some time to recover. THe dragon, which we assume is Adragoras says: ”Well well, it seems you are quite impressive isn’t, normally i’ll have you destroyed but maybe you can be of use: come and find me in Carnwater cavern, we must speak, if you deny my call, I will find you”. Carnwater Cavers is a mazelike place, home of Shadomire the black, and i has countless subterranean caves.

Upon inspecting this area before we leave it, we find a hidden place in the back of the cave, where the ground was ripped up and covered over, and there are 3 chests. One of them has humans gear – boots, belt pouch, +1 longsword, and shattered armor. In the pouch there is a small potion- weird mixture phenomenally difficult to create with out of this world ingredients, maybe a poison. In the other chests we find: +2 crystalline longbow of the falcon, +1 pale shortsword, +1 battleaxe of sorrow, ashen ring silver with a ruby, +2 darkened leather armor of heroes.

We keep digging more thinking these are the remains of J.R. but we don’t find anything. Wilfred inspects all of the items again and finds a small scroll in a compartment of the boots: – “I descend into the abyss, to end this. Should I fail and my body end up in some desperate place, know thatI lived – J.R.”

Luna prays to Bahamuth to ask for guidance on what shall we do next. He tells her that our mission there is done and it is time to move on and let time heal this forest. She performs “Gentle repose” on the spider’s corpse to prevent it from being reanimated and the dragon screams to us one last time “Do not test me!!!”

We are trying to figure out ways to destroy the crystal but it may be beyond our means…



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