Sorrowsworn Saga

Black Isle

Lurkers everywhere

We proceed through the tunnel and spot several human skeletons. We head down a stairway with several spiderwebs. Luna takes out a torch to burn away the webs and the process were confronted with several spiders. We slay all the spiders. We find out the “Lurkers” are rare creatures called Tide Rippers from one bodies encased in spider webs. We also find a male bracelet with the initials J.R. under the table with a triangle symbol with three . We also find an abandoned alchemy lap with old supplies. Jinx finds a small chest in the back of the tunnel.Luna finds 4 crystals and a design of symbols. We decide to sleep in the cave near the entrance.

We sleep through the night with no encounters but Jinx hears some unsettling noises for the haunted forest. We head to the forest in the morning. We find out that the forest is very old and while we proceed through it the light begins to be blacked out unnaturally. Jinx’s chest begins to shake while proceeding through. We decide to leave after finding this out. We decide to break open the chest and find two books. One book written in common and one in the far realms. The book in common talks about a man running from the lurkers and the beast in the sea and that they were heading to the haunted forest. The far realm contains infinite layers and ruled by unfathomable lords. If we try to read this book it might drive us crazy. We find out the far realms book is bound in leather from the skin of an Arch Angel.

We continue to explore the shore around the isle. We approach an abandoned settlement. We find a medallion with the same symbol on the bracelet. We find a house filled with about 12 dead bodies with bullet holes. They look like they have been dead for about 50 years. We explore around the rest of the shore and come back the cave entrance that we were before. We find 20 or so 10 foot wide holes that we cannot see the bottom and hear wailing and roars. Unease be these holes we proceed to the forest.

Entering the forest we are quickly surrounded by dark shadows with green eyes that communicate through negative thoughts. We ignore the creatures since they do not seem threatening. We spot and opening in the dense forest and see waterfall and a small hut next it. We explore the hut finding a journal of one of the last researchers on the isle. It is stated that he is fleeing the Isle and tell of great horrors from the the giant holes that we came across and that the forest the causing dementia. Leaving the hut we are confronted with all of the dark spirits. WE SLAY THEM ALL!!! Our celebration in victory is cut short as we hear something large heading to us at a fast rate. We head to behind the waterfall where we find a small cave. The large created which is a dark-wood Ent tries to go after us but we are protected by the cave. We find a magical Greataxe in the cave. We decide to sleep in the cave and hope that the Ent leaves. We awaken in the morning and are glad not to see the Ent.

We head to the ship to find Gault waiting for us. We take off and head inland. As soon as we are leaving we encounter 3 beholders. We slay them after long battle of the ages and return to town. Gault doesn’t take our gold for taking us to the isle. We tell what happened to us to the Mayor Garland and convince the Mayor to write a note to Port Vlad to pay its debt for the pearls to help secure its town. We head to the port in the morning.

On our Journey we find and abandoned town that is swarming with undead. We run from the town and find a ranger named Hawk. He informs us on many towns and what happened to Mayor Garland and his sad story. After our 10 day journey we arrive at Port Vlad. We have a meeting with the Mayor of Port Vlad in the Black Beetle Inn. The Mayor gives us 1000 gold for the debt and wont pay anymore and leaves upset when we didn’t agree with the amount. We feel uneasy about what happened with the mayor and want to leave soon to Greylock and give the 1000 gold the people of the city. We try to find a boat that will take us soon. There is one fishing boat with nobody in it. We head to the inn to find the captain of the fishing boat. After a while we hear a gunshot and find the captain for the fishing boat dead. Shortly after we spot town guards man taking the crates of pearls from the fishermans ship. We now know that we are in danger and so the the town of Greyloch

We convince a young sailor from the inn to take the abandoned fishing boat back the Greyloch so we can give the 1000 gold the people Greyloch. When arrive at Greyloch we notice a large Galleon ship from Port Vlad heading our way. We believe that Port Vlad is now attempting to take over the city. We try to evacuate the city as best we can. The Captain of the ship from Port Vlad wants to meet with the Mayor. He declares that they are taking over the city and it now property of Port Vlad. After several insults from the Captain the Mayor enrages and slays one of his guards with a single dagger thrown at his neck. Battle ensues and we slay the captain. The guards lay down there weapons. Jinx decapitates that captain. The Mayor takes the head of the Captain out to his guards and tells them to take the head back the port vlad and not to fuck with Greylock.



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