Sorrowsworn Saga

Adventures in Silverwind

Thieves, Brawls and Naughty Priestesses

The session started off with Thorgar arguing with the mayor of Greyloch about how to handle the Port Vladovar situation. The mayor is convinced that Vladovar will not attack again, and does not seem concerned at all about anything besides returning to feasting and drinking. Thorgar leaves to find the others.

Meanwhile, Wilfred attempts to convince “Captain” Brian to take us to Silverwind. He succeeds, promising him success as great as Galt’s…

Calinor shows up in town after a long journey from the Lonelywood. Thorgar approaches him, asking for his help because he looks useful in combat. Luna, Jinx and Wilfred join, we all introduce ourselves, and Calinor agrees to help us. Jinx and Calinor agree to put their racial differences aside… for now…

The party heads back to the mayor’s house. He says he is going to send a letter via bird to Silverwind, and we decide that we should take a copy just in case, because we need to head there anyway. Everyone stays at the mayor’s house, feasting and getting pretty hammered. Bjorn even joins in on the drinking. The mayor promises to send a letter about the town’s status to meet us in Silverwind so that we know everything is ok. We say our goodbyes in the morning, and we are off!

After an uneventful ship ride, we arrive at Silverwind, where guards greet us and give us paperwork to fill out. Silverwind is quite the beautiful sight! We also notice that the guards here are very well armed. There are shops everywhere selling practically everything an adventurer could desire.

The party splits up and wanders the town. Wilfred sells his beholder eyes for a bunch of money to an alchemist, and buys an enchanted cloak. Jinx tries to find thieves picks, and finds out about the thieves guild, the Brotherhood of Twilight.

The rest of the night unfolds as such:

As Jinx is roaming the streets at night, a thief attempts to grab his money pouch. He catches him and convinces the thief to give him information regarding the Brotherhood. The man agrees to meet him at the Adventurer’s Inn. He meets the thief, and gets assigned a mission to steal a prized ruby from a wealthy man’s mansion. If he succeeds, he will be accepted into the guild. He leaps over the fence to the mansion, and sneaks up to the window. He throws a grappling hook up to the balcony and climbs up like a ninja, pulls the rope up and hides. He cracks a door open, seeing a man and a woman sleeping in the room and a glass case with the ruby in it. He finds the key to the case on a necklace on the sleeping man’s chest. He attempts to steal it but the man wakes up. Luckily he doesn’t see Jinx and falls back asleep. He waits for a bit until the man is sound asleep and tries again, succeeding and getting the case open. He grabs the ruby and sneaks out, closing the door silently behind him, sliding down the grappling hook rope, and leaping right back over the gate. He brings it to the thieves guild and they are pleasantly surprised at how fast he got the job done. They bring him to meet the leader, Lucian, who seems very impressed. He gets gold and a cloak and is welcomed to the Brotherhood of Twilight.

Meanwhile, Luna finds a wonderful wine shop, and gets some fine wine to bring back to the mayor of Greyloch. She leaves and finds the letter from the mayor stating that everything is good in Greyloch. Luna brings a captain’s outfit for Brian, and he pretty much jizzes in his pants over it. She goes to the temple and the priestesses get naked and teach her rituals. Luna ends up sleeping at the temple with the priestesses. We don’t ask questions about what happened that night…

Thorgar goes to the arena and signs up for a battle the next day. He then wanders over to the Pegasus Inn and gets a drink of fine elven wine.

Calinor ventures out to buy arrows. He meets Thorgar at the Pegasus Inn and they share some wine and conversation.

Thorgar and Calinor leave eventually to find the others. They meet up with Wilfred, and soon after they are approached by guards telling them that Bjorn is not allowed in the city. Wilfred dismisses him and the guards walk away confused. The three go to the Adventure’s Inn. Thorgar immediately buys a bunch of northern dark. They get some drinks and sit down at a table, and join in on a dice game. After an intense round of gambling, Thorgar wins 1200 gold.

They can’t get a room here because it is booked, so they head to the Dragon’s Ire, which is packed and very rowdy, filled primarily with dwarves and half-orcs. Many of them talk shit to the party as they enter, especially to Calinor, calling him a pussy elf and threating to rape him. They play a drinking game, Calinor owns his shot like a champ, and so does Wilfred. Thorgar can’t handle his, and gets jumped by two belligerent dwarves. The entire bar instantly erupts into a fight. Calinor kicks ass, jumping off of a dwarf, flipping over a table, grabbing a mug and smashing an opponent in the back of the head with it. Wilfred gets knocked out almost immediately. Thorgar holds his own but doesn’t do anything too impressive. The fight gets broken up by the angry owner, and they leave and go back to the Pegasus Inn, with Thorgar carrying an unconscious Wilfred. They get a room and a couple of beautiful elven escorts and have an epic night… at an epic price.

In the morning, Thorgar goes to the arena and wins two back-to-back fights. Afterwards, they go to speak with the nobleman in charge of trades and make sure that Port Vladovar will pay a hefty price if they attack Greyloch again, giving us slight comfort. Luna goes to the library and finds info about a secretive group called The Covenant – a society formed by the Silverwind government. We suspect they may have played a part in the experiments on the Black Isle.

A bit fed up with the city life, Wilfred leaves to clear his head in the woods outside the city limits. Thorgar and Calinor meet Luna at the library. They continue looking for info on the Covenant and Jonathon Rize but to no avail.

Wilfred finds an old man in the woods and they walk through a peaceful meadow together. They show each other their staffs… and then they touch staffs. It turns out that the old man is also a druid. The man states that he wants to travel north to a forest by the Winter Wall, because it has caught his interest. He says he is sad because the forest there has no name. He then says that he can tell that Wilfred is carrying a dark secret. Wilfred tells the druid of the happenings in the Black Isle. They have a very sad and angry moment reflecting upon the corruption in the woods on the Black Isle. The druid turns into a giant thirty foot long wolf, grabs Wilfred in his mouth and starts sprinting away with him.

Meanwhile, Jinx meets up with Thorgar, Luna and Calinor. They tell Jinx about their findings on the Covenant and that they should try to find out more about them. Jinx says he will try to find more info, but doesn’t let us know about his exploits with the Brotherhood. Jinx leaves and says that he will return in about a week. Jinx heads to talk with the Brotherhood about the Covenant. After a bit of a heated discussion, Lucian tells Jinx that he should not speak about the Covenant but he will attempt to get a meeting with them. He promises Jinx to look into setting up a meeting, but for a large sum of money.

Wilfred gets brought to a grove of trees and dropped down, and the druid returns to human form. He says that this place is sacred. He reveals that he is an elder druid (obvious at this point…) and says that he can give Wilfred the power to become one with Bjorn so that he can shapeshift into the form of a bear and assimilate Bjorn’s powers. They both cut their arms open and perform a blood-mixing ritual. Wilfred tests his power and becomes a bear for the first time.

Jinx relays to the others that he might be able to get a meeting with the Covenant, and then heads back to the guild to ask about places of interest to rob for money. They say that everyone in the Brotherhood is required to lay low for now because of the ruby being stolen. Lucian tells Jinx that we need 10000 gold to meet with the Covenant.

Luna sends a letter to Greyloch saying that everything is going well and that we will return when possible. Knowing they need a large sum of money to meet the Covenant, Thorgar and Calinor go to the Adventurer’s Inn to gamble. Thorgar wins over 1000 from the wealthy man from the night before, but then immediately bets and loses it all like a fool.

Jinx goes to Lucius to tell him about the far realm book in hopes to decrease the price for meeting the Covenant. Lucius gets pissed and says to drop it and focus on getting the money. Luna goes back to the temple to sleep, while Calinor and Thorgar sleep on the boat because they are broke due to gambling.

Thorgar goes back to the arena in the morning and is set up against an ogre. He destroys the ogre, without taking a single blow. He agrees to fight again the next day, and convinces them to allow Calinor in with him for a two-on-two duel. The next day at the arena, they fight a mage and a knight. They prevail, but Calinor nearly dies. On the way out, Thorgar is approached by members of the Brotherhood and is basically forced by threats into signing up for another fight tomorrow, but he is told that he is guaranteed to win.

Thorgar goes on to fight a vicious hunter the next day, with a bet of 5000 gold pieces and his life riding on this battle. The Brotherhood poisons the opponent before the fight, and Jinx gives Thorgar’s blade poison as well, but Thorgar still almost dies. After a rather brutal fight, he finally kills his opponent. With finally enough money to give to the Brotherhood, they hand the gold over to Jinx to set up the meeting.

Jinx brings the money to Lucian, who arranges the meeting as promised. That night, they all head out to an abandoned tower a ways outside of the city. Wilfred, still in bear form, charges from the woods towards the party. He leaps into the air, shifting back to his dwarven form as he falls back to the ground. They are all startled and surprised, but don’t really have the time to talk about what happened while Wilfred was gone.

We get to the tower, where a figure awaits us at a table in the darkness, wearing a mask. We give him the far realm book, the vile we found on the island, and tell him everything about what we saw at the Black Isle. We ask him about Jonathon Rize, and he gets up and begins pacing, telling us the story of J.R.:

Jonathon came to the Covenant for help after escaping the Black Isle… but then he fled, because “things” were after him, and the Covenant are still looking for him. He is in hiding and the Covenant wants him found. They think he may have been abducted by agents of Adregorous, a black dragon. He has information that both the dragon and the Covenant want. The Covenant promises to reward us for finding him, as well as help us with any other aspects of our journey if we succeed. He says that he believes J.R. is hiding in the Shadow Weald. He also states that there is word of a dark druid that arrived in the Weald, perhaps another agent of Adregorous. We agree to search for Jonathon, and then the man vanishes, leaving us alone there.

We head back to the town, and Jinx tries to get info about the Shadow Weald but no one in the guild knows anything helpful.

Luna goes to the temple to sleep with the priestesses, and has a heavenly slumber after a long night of “praying”.

Meanwhile, Calinor, Thorgar and Wilfred head to the Dragon’s Ire. They receive a lot of shit talking again, have a drink-off, and Calinor passes out. A half-orc gets on top of Calinor and threatens to rape him. Thorgar kicks the half-orc off, and we almost get in a fight again. Wilfred scares them by grabbing a dwarf by the throat and morphing partially into bear form, and they start accusing us of sorcery. We leave before another fight breaks out and head to the Adventurer’s Inn, where we receive a much warmer welcome. We attempt to get a room, but they are booked once again. Wilfred tells the innkeeper who Thorgar is, and he apologizes and takes a room key from another customer and gives it to the party. They put a passed out Calinor in the room and party for the rest of the night.

Jinx meanwhile goes around town, pickpocketing people.

In the morning, Jinx is approached by a guild member and warned that we are being watched, and from the sound of it they may be assassins.

Finally having a solid lead on how to continue with our journey, we head out to the Shadow Weald! On the second day, we find a majestic meadow. Here we find a pond, where a beautiful unicorn awaits. We stare in awe for a moment, but Jinx is not impressed. Wilfred approaches and befriends it, and the unicorn nudges him a bit, and then begins pushing him into the pond. Trusting that the unicorn is trying to tell him something, he swims around for a while, and finds a chest. The unicorn leaves and we break the box open, where there is another smaller box inside made of adamantine. We break it open and find a small journal.

The journal was written by Jonathon Rize, and is dated 5 years ago. He states in the journal that he is leaving it here in hopes that it will be safe until someone of good intentions finds it. He writes that he fled Silverwind to escape the Covenant, knowing that they want to use his knowledge for ill purpose. He also writes that lately there have been other things looking for him and he is afraid they are going to attack him. He warns that if anyone finds this then they must not trust the Covenant and allow the knowledge to fall into their hands.

We are approached by a satyr, who talks to Wilfred and warns that someone is coming and that we need to leave immediately, and says that Antaniclass (the elder druid that Wilfred met) sent the unicorn to us.

We move on towards the Shadow Weald. Very little occurs during the next few days and finally we reach the forest. As we enter, Wilfred and Calinor feel a darkness and sadness amongst the trees. From what the party knows about the Shadow Weald, there are supposedly tears in the fabric of the material realm to the shadow realm, and that undead creatures and other horrors tend to lurk here.

We stop after a while when Wilfred is overcome with a feeling of great dread. We start to hear a voice echoing through the woods, threatening us and telling us to meet him in the heart of the woods. His last words are “Kill them my minions!” Initiative We get attacked by two giant, wicked trees and after a bit of a scuffle end up destroying them.

And here the party awaits, until next time…



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